Indian Super League

'There are a lot of prejudices against Indian coaches in ISL,' claims Santosh Trophy winning boss Bino George

Arjun Singh Devgan
ISL is the biggest football league in India
ISL is the biggest football league in India /

Kerala head coach, Bino George has hit out towards the treatment of Indian coaches in the Indian Super League (ISL), revealing that, "there is just a lot of prejudice" against coaches from the country in India's premier footballing competition.

George, who recently led Kerala to the 75th Santosh Trophy title, has previously coached Gokulam Kerala FC in I-League, but feels that foreigners are given a preference for managerial positions - something he feels is not fair, as he feels that Indian coaches are on par with the ones recruited from abroad.

"There is just a lot of prejudice, I feel, against Indian coaches in ISL. "If you are studying mathematics – then no matter which university you study from, be it in India or abroad, what they teach you is the exact same thing. This is true for football as well. It does not matter whether you appoint a foreign coach or a homegrown one, ultimately they teach the same thing. This is something these franchises need to understand, he told The Bridge.

"We are on the same level as these foreign coaches. Yes, the coaching style may differ but there would not be a single thing that they know which we don't," he added.

Khalid Jamil in 2020/21 was the first Indian to be appointed in a managerial position when he took over as interim coach of North East United FC in the ISL. Derrick Pereira who who is the current coach of FC Goa, along with Jamil - remain the only two Indians to have ever coached a team in the ISL.