World Cup

The best World Cup 2022 kits - ranked

Sean Walsh
England and France are on our list
England and France are on our list / Nike

The World Cup is nearing and the 32 competing nations are getting kitted out on the eve of the tournament.

It's very easy to criticise kit designs (and I will be writing a sister article in which I do exactly that, don't worry), but sometimes not enough is made of when suppliers get it spot on.

Here are 90min's picks for the best kits at the 2022 World Cup.

12. Netherlands (away)

The best and worst of the Netherlands
The best and worst of the Netherlands / Nike

The Netherlands may be heading to Qatar with an abomination of a home kit, but their away strip at least has a nice mid-2000s vibe to it.

The blue is a gorgeous navy shade and, unlike most of Nike's other designs, the front collar isn't too offensive.

11. Qatar (home)

Qatar's home kit is clean
Qatar's home kit is clean / Nike

Kit designers, take note: burgundy = good, claret = bad.

Qatar will make their World Cup debut with this lovely little number, complete with a pattern mirroring their flag on the cuffs of the sleeves.

10. England (away)

Straight out of the 1990s
Straight out of the 1990s / Nike

Like the Netherlands, England's home kit is best left back home.

Their changed shirt, however, should become an instant cult classic (providing the team don't flame out early on). Only the Three Lions can make sky blue and red a winning combination, after all.

9. Senegal (home)

Puma should be ashamed with themselves for some of the atrocious kits they've handed out to teams competing on literally the biggest stage in sport.

However, Senegal's home kit is clean but colourful, slick yet vibrant, so we'll give them a pass on this one.

8. Germany (away)

You can always rely on adidas to sort Germany out with top clobber for major tournaments.

Their home kit feels a bit too Ajax/PSG, but the changed strip just looks like one of a team that is going to win the World Cup final 4-0.

7. South Korea (home)

Enjoy this image of Hwang Hee-Chan floating
Enjoy this image of Hwang Hee-Chan floating / Nike

OK, Nike, you've piqued my interest.

A salmon-ish shade of red with distinct sleeve details and black trim? Sign me right up.

6. Spain (home)

Spain mean business with a kit like this.

The classic smooth red and navy blue combo has been accompanied by a beautifully accented gold, rounded with a smart looking collar. Mwah.

5. Wales (away)

Clean white? Check.

Striking red? Check.

Christmassy green? Check.

Minimalist logo? Check.

Wales return to the World Cup stage in good nick.

4. France (home)

Fit for world champions
Fit for world champions / Nike

The defending champions deserve to have appropriate attire, and France have returned to a navy home kit with gold trim as they look to extend their tenure as world conquerors by a further four years.

3. Japan (home)

A World Cup just isn't a World Cup without a) Japan competing, and b) Japan looking stylish.

Their 2022 home strip is one that will probably be worth about £300 in years to come. Just look at it.

2. Ecuador (home)

Ecuador's handsome navy changed kit deserves a shoutout, but Marathon's home design fits so perfectly with the country's flag and identity.

It's hard to make a home shade of yellow easy on the eyes, but they've knocked this out of the park. The accompanying red and blue shades, plus the revamped national crest, are a lovely touch.

1. Mexico (away)

This kit makes me wish I was Mexican.

The beauty of national kits is you can throw so many colours and patterns together without worrying about giant sponsors ruining the shirt - adidas have utilised this creative licence to perfection. I will be ordering eight Mexico away kits immediately.