The 5 Best Right-Backs in the World - Ranked

There are some fabulous right backs in the world right now
There are some fabulous right backs in the world right now | Tal Gilad/Minute Media

It may be a new golden age for full backs but real top quality right-backs are still hard to come by. It seems every team has got a solid one (England have about nine), but few have a great one.

Of course, there are still some crackers lurking around. From seaside cities to scorching capitals, there are enough lung-busting right backs to make a rather formidable top five, all of whom are being ranked below - for your pleasure.

Is there any disagreement to be had? There shouldn't be, but let's see.

5. Ricardo Pereira

Ricardo Pereira - Portuguese Soccer Player - Born 1993
Leicester were so poor after the restart - I wonder why? | Visionhaus/Getty Images

Leicester failed to make the Champions League spots last season. Who is to blame? Well, it's obviously Brendan Rodgers' fault or the midfield not pulling their weight etc, isn't it? And I suppose, the lockdown disruption didn't help either.

A run of two wins from their final nine matches (all of which came after the restart) were their undoing. They were pretty much nailed on to finish in the top four. They didn't. Who was missing for that entire stretch? You guessed it.

If you think a right-back can't have that much influence in both an attacking a defending sense then you're gravely mistaken (see further down). In the case of Ricardo Pereira, he is involved in all of the phases of play the Foxes have, be those phases in their infancy or at their conclusion.

He offers the balance Rodgers' side crave, the running in behind they desire, the tracking back they cry out for and the stability the defence needs. He's superb, and he's only going to get better.

4. Benjamin Pavard

Benjamin Pavard
Consistency. It's not always hard to come by, but it's hard to find a genuinely good player who is also that. Pavard is. | Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

It's a story we've seen countless times before: [insert player] has superb international tournament/single game and is linked with 3,185 clubs. [Insert club] fend off fellow interested parties and sign [insert player].

What happens next? Well, it shockingly turns out that [insert player] wasn't actually that good and he moves to another smaller club one/two years later.

Benjamin Pavard has bucked that trend; rather considerably in fact. He's come into a superb Bayern Munich side and sustained his level of performance that lit up the 2018 World Cup.

Flicking through the league tables of the past season offer a concrete statement of his defensive work, as Bayern conceded less than a goal per game in the Bundesliga. Above all though, he's consistent; just a darn solid right-back who boasts the lot.

3. Achraf Hakimi

Achraf Hakimi eyeing up that Serie A trophy | GUIDO KIRCHNER/Getty Images

Inter were supposed to be properly competing for the Scudetto last season. Of course, they ended up finishing just a point behind, but their challenge fizzled out before it truly hotted up.

So when Antonio Conte and co secured the signing of Achraf Hakimi in early July, the fact everyone immediately put them back into the title race for next term is a clear indicator of just how dazzling this Moroccan has been in the past two seasons.

At times for Borussia Dortmund he's been played so far up the pitch he might as well be classed as a forward; his marauding charges up the right hand side are a joy to behold. Outrageous pace is usually quite useless without the end product, but that's been fine tuned and is now far more reliable. Some player he's become.

2. Dani Carvajal

Daniel Carvajal
Carvajal has been at the top of his game for quite some time | Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Dani Carvajal is only 28 years old. I don't know if it's just me but it feels as if he should be, at least, 30 or so by now. He's been consistently at the top of his game for what feels like an eternity, at one of (if not the) biggest clubs in world football.

The amount of trophies he's won is startling, yet his presence as a world class right-back flies under the radar. That's his own fault. He keeps playing so darn well that people have overlooked him being as talented as he is.

Furthermore, he probably had one of his best individual seasons to date last term, operating as a traditional full-back in Zinedine Zidane's more reserved approach to playing. No side conceded fewer goals than Madrid in 2019/20 across all the top five European divisions. Shock.

Carvajal will probably continue to not earn the credit he deserves until his career is over. After that, people will look back on his time in the game and probably regret not heralding him enough.

1. Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-arnold
There is nobody better around right now. Simple as. | Visionhaus/Getty Images

C'mon, Trent Alexander-Arnold has become so good that he's started breaking the records he set himself for crying out loud. He's got more whip than the red light district in Amsterdam. He'd assist you with your Sunday roast just to boost his tally.

We always bang on about certain generational talents who inevitably fall foul of their astronomically high expectation levels, but there is no inkling of a possibility that this will happen to the 21-year-old Scouser.

The best right-back in the world with just three full(ish) seasons under his belt. TAA has reached two Champions League finals, won the Premier League and come within a whisker of doing it another time already during that incredibly short space of time.

From his position he's become the main source of goals at Liverpool, was part of the best defence in the Premier League last season and still can get better. Defensively work is still to be done, but the fact we can all see that and our interpretation of him being by far the best of his kind tells you the whole story.

Go and win England a trophy, Trent, we all know you can.