The 10 football clubs with the most social media followers in 2020 - Ranked

Social media is just another battlefield for elite clubs to compete on
Social media is just another battlefield for elite clubs to compete on / Chesnot/Getty Images

The world's biggest football clubs are always trying to find new ways to prove their superiority.

Unsurprisingly then, when social media began to take over in the early noughties, rival teams immediately started competing to rack up the most followers. Over a decade on, which club has been most successful?

Thanks to the recently published Deloitte Football Money League, we can now answer that question. This report added each club's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok followers to create their combined social media presences.

Below are the ten clubs who ruled the digital roost in 2020.

10. Manchester City ( 75.9m followers)

Manchester City kick off the top 10 with 75.9m followers. They are well clear of 11th placed Tottenham as well, who can only boast 37.6m.

Their position is also quite the drop off compared to where they finished in terms of 2019/2020 revenue. In those rankings they were sixth, suggesting their social media team might need to step things up this season.

9. Arsenal (76.4m followers)

Arsenal just beat out their Premier League rivals to grab ninth place.

The bulk of the Gunners' 2020 social media following was on Twitter. On that platform they boasted just shy of 17m, the fourth most of any football club.

8. Bayern Munich (87.1m followers)

On the field, Bayern Munich are probably the best team on the planet.

However, in the social media sphere, the club needs a little more work, with their 87.1m only enough to rank eighth in the world.

7. Paris Saint-Germain (89.6m followers)

PSG were one of the first clubs to recognise the potential of TikTok and their 3.9m followers was the third most in 2020.

Their new manager Mauricio Pochettino is incredibly photogenic too, which should led to continued social media growth this year.

6. Liverpool (91.7m followers)

The reigning English and world champions were only good enough for sixth place on the list.

Their Youtube channel is the highlight of Liverpool's social media presence, with their 5.4m subscribers giving them the third-biggest channel in all of football.

5. Chelsea (93.2m followers)

Chelsea are flying high in fifth, thanks mainly to their massive Facebook following.

With that platform stagnating — much like the Blues under Frank Lampard — the club need a big year on Twitter, Youtube and TikTok to keep their position in 2021.

4. Juventus (102.9m followers)

You do not win nine Scudetti in a row without picking up a few followers along the way.

Of course, the Cristiano Ronaldo factor must help.

3. Manchester United (140.8m followers)

Despite claiming to be the most supported club world football, Manchester United's social media following was only the third largest last year.

Improvement is needed on TikTok in particular, with the Red Devils racking up just 1.2m followers in 2020.

2. Barcelona (248m followers)

2020 was a disastrous year for Barcelona but at least they can take some comfort in registering the second biggest social media following.

They led the way in terms on Youtube and Tiktok, as well as ranking second on all other platforms.

1. Real Madrid (251.5m followers)

They were pipped to the post by Barcelona in the revenue rankings, but no side had a bigger social media following than Real Madrid in 2020.

Los Blancos lead the way on Facebook and Instagram, where they have a massive 200m followers combined, and they also have an impressive audience on the three other platforms.