UEFA void disciplinary proceedings against Super League rebels

Tom Gott
Real Madrid, Juventus & Barcelona have avoided punishments
Real Madrid, Juventus & Barcelona have avoided punishments / Visionhaus/Getty Images

UEFA have confirmed that they have abandoned plans to pursue disciplinary action against Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus for their ongoing push to form the Super League.

The European governing body have repeatedly threatened the three sides with strict sanctions, including both financial and potential expulsions from club and international competitions, but the rebels have taken court action to try to block any punishments for their actions.

UEFA had initially tried to ignore the court ruling, but they confirmed on Monday that they had agreed to drop all disciplinary proceedings.

"Following the stay of proceedings against FC Barcelona, Juventus FC and Real Madrid CF, in the matter related to a potential violation of UEFA’s legal framework in connection with the so called ‘Super League’, the UEFA Appeals Body has declared today the proceedings null and void, as if the proceedings had never been opened," a statement read.

The ruling comes after after a decree from a Spanish judge last week for UEFA to confirm their stance on legal proceedings, giving the organisation five days to drop their case before potentially facing an investigation of their own.

While UEFA may have agreed to drop the punishments, they have recently contacted all the European national football associations to call for unity in the ongoing battle against the Super League.

“The persistent pursuit of this ESL [European Super League] project and the resultant court cases comprise an ongoing existential threat to the foundations and future of European football and the European Sports Model," a letter seen by The Guardian read. “The choice is between solidarity and selfish indulgence.

“Inaction, complacency and/or over-confidence with regards to the governmental and judicial rejection of this ESL project would be dangerously naive and risks inviting the unravelling of the European model of sport by aggressive commercial interests.”