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Super League: 'Big Six' supporters' trusts stand firm against plans

Tom Gott
Supporters' Trusts are all unimpressed with the idea
Supporters' Trusts are all unimpressed with the idea / Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

It's safe to say that the plans for a European Super League haven't gone down too well among fans across the globe.

Supporters of teams not involved in the plans have been vocal in their disgust, but perhaps most tellingly, those who are part of the Super League have joined forces to condemn the proposals.

Here's what the supporters' trusts of Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool had to say.

Arsenal - 'The death of football'

"The AST deplores the announcement by Arsenal that they are breaking away to form a European Super League," the AST wrote. "This represents the death of everything that football should be about.

"As fans we want to see Arsenal play in competitions based on sporting merit and competitive balance. Not surprisingly this action has been taken with no consultation or dialogue, continuing the silence and contempt that Kroenke has shown for Arsenal supporters since day one.

"The AST will do everything we can to oppose this. It will require firm action by the Government and the Football Authorities. We urge all Arsenal fans and all football fans to fight this by speaking up and acting against. By standing together we can see off this greedy proposal.

"The AST will now work with FSE, FSA, and other fan groups at both Arsenal and across the game in opposition to this."

Chelsea - 'Enough is enough'

"They say expect the unexpected, but today the Chelsea Supporters' Trust (CST), our members and football supporters across the world have experienced the ultimate betrayal," wrote the CST.

"Chelsea Football Club (CFC) along with 11 of the top European sides have announced the intention to establish a 'Super League'. This is a decision of greed to line the pockets of those at the top and it has been made with no consideration for the loyal supporters, our history, our future of the future of football in this country.

"It is likely that this proposal with never come into existence, however, it speaks volumes that CFC are prepared to risk our existence in the Premier League and the FA Cup. The CST has held extensive talks with CFC over the past few weeks regarding various issues and there has been no mention of this secretive proposal. The CST and its members demand answers.

"This is unforgivable. Enough is enough."

Tottenham - 'Driven by avarice and self-interest'

"The Board of Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust is deeply concerned by rapidly escalating reports linking Tottenham Hotspur Football Club with a breakaway European Super League: a concept driven by avarice and self-interest at the expense of the intrinsic values of the game we hold so dear," said the THST.

"Along with fan groups at Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea, we wholeheartedly oppose the move to create a closed shop for Europe’s elite.

"In our 2019 Survey, 81% of the 4,302 Spurs fans polled supported THST’s position against any closed European Super League, with only 3% disagreeing.  We call on ENIC, the temporary custodians of our great Club, to distance themselves from any rebel group and to consider the implications fully before making decisions that will fundamentally change the course of history for Tottenham Hotspur forever.

"The future of our Club is at stake."

Manchester City - 'Zero regard for the game'

"Manchester City FC Official Supporters Club are totally opposed to anything which creates a breakaway ‘European Super League'," said the City OSC. "This proposed new competition has no sporting merit and would seem to be motivated by greed.

"Furthermore it has been created without the knowledge or input of any Supporters Groups and once again shows those involved have zero regard for the game’s traditions.

"We are determined to fight against this proposed Super League and will once again work with the 1894 Group all other Fan Groups to do everything we can to ensure our voices are heard.

"These owners, irrespective of where they come from, seem to think Football belongs to them - It doesn't it belongs to us - The Supporters, irrespective of which team we support."

Manchester United - 'A betrayal of the club'

"These proposals are completely unacceptable and will shock Manchester United fans, as well as those of many other clubs," said MUST.

"A 'Super League' based on a closed shop of self-selected wealthy clubs goes against everything football, and Manchester United, should stand for. To bring forward these proposals without any fan consultation, and in the midst of a global pandemic when people should be pulling together not serving their own selfish interests, just adds insult to injury.

"When Sir Matt Busby led us into the European Cup in the 1950s, the modern Manchester United was founded in the tragedy and then triumph that followed. To even contemplate walking away from that competition would be a betrayal of everything this club has ever stood for. We urge everyone involved in this proposal including Manchester United to immediately withdraw from this proposal."

Liverpool - 'Greedy pursuit of money'

"Embarrassing, as fan representatives we are appalled & completely oppose this decision," said Spirit of Shankly. "FSG have ignored fans in their relentless & greedy pursuit of money. Football is ours not theirs. Our football club is ours not theirs.

"We will respond fully to this statement in due course."

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