Sir Jim Ratcliffe reveals refreshing motivation for buying stake in Man Utd

  • Sir Jim Ratcliffe now owns just over 27% of Man Utd
  • British billionaire targeting sporting success over financial gain
  • Continue to build his fortune in petrochemicals industry

Sir Jim Ratcliffe values sporting success over profit
Sir Jim Ratcliffe values sporting success over profit / VALERY HACHE/GettyImages

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has vowed that his investment in Manchester United is to bring sporting success back to the club he supported as a boy and not for any personal financial gain.

Ratcliffe made his fortune in petrochemicals and his firm, INEOS, generates tens of billions in revenue each year. Having invested £1.3bn in purchasing a minority stake, he doesn’t intend to use United as a way to further line his own pockets, an accusation long levelled at the Glazer family after a huge amount of money has been taken out of the club during their ownership by way of dividends.

"Yes, I'm not interested in the financial aspects of this investment at all, really, because I make enough money in chemicals and oil and gas really," Ratcliffe told

"This is not a financial investment. It's because I'm interested in seeing Manchester United being successful again. It hasn't been successful the last 11 years, but it needs to get back to where it should be, which is at the top of the game."

A subtle admission of the misplaced priorities under Glazer ownership was made earlier this year when United announced in January the appointment of new chief executive Omar Berrada. Included in the official statement was the line: "The club is determined to put football and performance on the pitch back at the heart of everything we do." - the word 'back' is incredibly loud.

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Sporting success over profiteering has been the objective at Manchester City since the day that Sheikh Mansour and Ratcliffe appears to have similar goals for a reborn United.

Also taking time to talk to external media outlets following official sign-off on his buy-in, he told the BBC: "It's ruled by the heart. This is not a financial investment for me. If I wanted to make a financial investment, I would buy another chemical company.

"It's very much taking on one of the great challenges in the world. It is a very worthy challenge and very exciting. The only reason I got involved is because I want to see Manchester United restored to where it should be. I might be biased but I believe it is the biggest and most well-known club in the world. It should be playing the greatest football in the world."