How to buy adidas' official Euro 2024 ball

  • adidas have released their new UEFA Euro 2024 ball
  • The Fussballliebe is fitted with a sensor to help officials make decisions faster
  • The Euro 2024 ball is available to buy from adidas

The Fussballliebe is the new Euro 2024 ball
The Fussballliebe is the new Euro 2024 ball / Stefan Matzke - sampics/GettyImages

As Euro 2024 begins to slowly appear on the horizon, excitement is starting to build for next summer's tournament.

With 21 of 24 teams having already qualified and the group stage draw completed, the new Euro 2024 ball has now been released.

The 'Fussballliebe' is not your standard football, containing a chip that can send data to officials and help significantly speed up offside decisions.

Want to know how to get your hands - or feet - on the new Euro 2024 ball? Here's all you need to know.

What's special about the Euro 2024 ball?

Wales v Turkey: Group D - UEFA EURO 2024 European Qualifiers
The ball should make officials' lives easier / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

The new Euro 2024 ball could revolutionise the lives of VAR and referees, containing a chip that can detect exactly when the ball is touched by a player.

As a result, it should help make quicker offside decisions by sending data 500 times a second to the officials, reducing the length of time it takes to decide whether someone is onside or not.

Due to its technological brilliance, the Euro 2024 ball may become something of a collector's item, perhaps rivalling the 2010 World Cup 'Jabulani' or the Euro 1996 'Questra Europa'.

How to buy the Euro 2024 ball and how much it costs

Tom Lockyer
The Euro 2024 ball will set you back a small fortune / Nigel French/Allstar/GettyImages

However, if you'd like to add the official Euro 2024 match ball to your collection, it will cost you a pretty penny. Currently retailing at £130 on adidas' official website, the 'Fussballliebe Pro' is certainly expensive.

The description of the ball reads: "Embrace the biggest stage of European football with a ball crafted with high-end materials that ensure perfect on-field performance. The innovative PRECISIONSHELL enhances accuracy, while the new deboss structure is engineered for precision and heightened control, delivering a unique football experience."

If you're not a fan of the high price and the unnecessary quantity of buzzwords, there is a 'Fussballliebe League Football' - which looks almost identical - for just £35.

There are also youth size and futsal versions of the ball online, as well as various colour schemes at cheaper prices.