Sergio Aguero's dad blasts Pep Guardiola's 'fake tears' in amazing rant

Ross Jackson
Sergio Aguero has left Manchester City for Barcelona
Sergio Aguero has left Manchester City for Barcelona / CLIVE BRUNSKILL/Getty Images

When Pep Guardiola started gushing over Sergio Aguero after the final Premier League game of the season before bursting into tears like a little boy who'd just dropped his ice cream, everyone watching reacted in one of two ways.

There were those who went all gooey-eyed and said 'oh what a fitting tribute that is, well done Pep', and then there were those who reacted in the correct way by throwing their remote at the television before screaming 'well why are you letting him go then!?'.

Obviously there's a number of factors that come into play when a club decides whether to renew a player's contract or not - their age being pretty close to the top of the list - so we kinda understand the reasoning, but don't then start banging on about how brilliant he is and how irreplaceable he'll be.

Anyway, rant aside, it's fair to say the former Manchester City star's dad is firmly on our side on this one (shock).

Leonel del Castillo has embarked on an astonishing rant during an Argentinian radio broadcast, claiming Guardiola's tears were fake and that the Catalan tactician is desperate to always be the main man at his club.

Sergio Aguero has now signed for Barcelona
Sergio Aguero has now signed for Barcelona / Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

"I don't believe his tears," he told A Radio La Red (via the Mirror). "For me, he never wanted Kun. He always wants to be the main man and not the players. I don't believe [in] Guardiola. He never wanted it [the Champions League trophy], he wants to be the protagonist of all the teams.

"He says that he [Aguero] is irreplaceable and he does not have him in the squad. There are things about Guardiola, he is a great coach. But from one day to the next the players change you, the environment changes. You never know if you are a starter or not.

"There is someone who says if you are not here to stay at the club and you have no choice but to change. He was [allowed to stay] until the last time [he renewed his contract] but it was not possible to stay with the team where he is an idol."

We're not going to lie, we're a little bit worried about agreeing with everything a man says when he sounds absolutely mental - but we do.