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Santosh Trophy: Kerala fans open up on their hopes for the club in the semifinal

Arjun Singh Devgan
Kerala have one of the biggest fanbases for football in India
Kerala have one of the biggest fanbases for football in India / SAJJAD HUSSAIN/GettyImages

The Kerala football fans have opened up on what they expect from their team after the club qualified for the semifinals of the 75th Santosh Trophy which is currently being held in Malappuram.

While the fans are ecstatic that their side progressed to the semifinal stage, they have reiterated that they have greater expectations and hopes for both the club and the facilities going forward, which would be a tough task considering that Kerala are yet to lose a game in the tournament.

"Defence is something that the team should work on. Probably the players are getting affected by the overall pressure and expectations, but now that we are in the semis, we should fix those shortcomings," Kochi-based freestyle footballer, Ummu Kulzoom said as quoted by Times of India.

"They are playing well, but not scoring. It's the midfielders who have scored for us. Moreover, the strikers were brought on as substitutes," another fan in Justin Alex added.

People in Malappuram are known to be big fans of football, though there has been the fact that the interest of the tournament in women has not peaked - though it should be noted that the last-group level game had more spectators in attendance.

"The tournament coincided with the month of Ramzan, and that's why there weren't many women in the galleries in the first stage. From April 28 onwards, more of us, including me, will be there for sure," Football player-turned politician, Jamesheena Uruniyanparambil said on the issue.

The semifinals of the 75th Santosh Trophy are scheduled to take place on April 28.