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Russia likely to be replaced by Portugal at Euro 2022

Jamie Spencer
England do not want Russia at Euro 2022, with UEFA taking legal advice
England do not want Russia at Euro 2022, with UEFA taking legal advice / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

Russia are expected to be replaced by Portugal at this summer’s Euro 2022 following confirmation from FIFA and UEFA that the country is indefinitely banned from international football.

Severe international economic sanctions have already been brought down on Russia in a bid to combat the military aggression, with sporting sanctions also now starting to follow.

FIFA had been criticised for not going far enough by initially allowing Russia to continue their men's 2022 World Cup qualifying on neutral soil and without the Russian flag or national anthem. The firmer international blanket ban on Russian football also covers European club football, meaning UEFA will additionally remove Spartak Moscow will also be removed from the Europa League,

Russia qualified for the Women’s European Championship this summer, but The Times reported a few hours before FIFA announced it's new harder stance on Monday that Euro 2022 organisers in England had made it clear they didn’t want Russia to take part.

Their place is now set to go to Portugal, who were beaten by the Russians in a qualifying playoff.

Russia have been at five of the last six Women’s European Championship tournaments, including each of the last three in 2009, 2013 and 2017. But they have never made it past the group stage and have won only one of the 15 game they have contested.

Portugal previously qualified for Euro 2017, which was their first and still only time at a major women’s international tournament.

The Portuguese are set to take Russia’s place in Group C, which includes Switzerland, back-to-back Olympic silver medallists Sweden, and reigning Euro champions Netherlands.

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