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Ruben Neves' best goals for Wolves - ranked

Matt O'Connor-Simpson
Apr 11, 2021, 5:25 PM GMT+1
He loves bangers
He loves bangers | Sam Bagnall - AMA/Getty Images

No player in world football is as synonymous with wondergoals than Ruben Neves.

He may not get many, but when the midfielder does score there is an almost 100% chance it'll be from at least 25 yards out.

Neves' has scored so many long-range thunderbolts they can often seem to blend into one. No longer though, as 90min has decided to take a trip down memory lane by ranking Neves' best ever goals. With skills like this, no wonder Manchester United are interested...

10. vs Sheffield Wednesday (2017)

This was the goal that proved Neves could do it on a cold Friday night in Yorkshire.

With Wolves being frustrated by a determined Sheffield Wednesday side, he popped up with a moment of magic, side-footing the ball delicately home to earn his side the three points.

9. vs Brentford (2018)

Dead balls are one of Neves' specialities and he showed this during Wolves' 3-0 victory over Brentford back in January 2018.

As opposed to going up and over the wall, his strike arrowed into the top corner, much to the delight of the Wanderers supporters behind the goal.

8. vs Hull City (2017)

It only took Neves three games to get off the mark in England and he did so in scintillating fashion.

His incredible 30-yard strike set the tone for a brilliant personal season as Wolves romped to the Championship title.

7. vs Sheffield United (2018)

Ivan Cavaleiro might have saved himself a bit of running if he'd laid it off for Neves earlier and let him do his thing.

It is difficult to strike a football sweeter than this. The perfect mix of power and bend. Unstoppable.

6. vs Arsenal (2019)

Scoring a free kick from a central position like this one is extremely challenging.

However, if anyone can do it Neves can. His perfectly placed strike gave Bernd Leno no chance. It is the best of the four free kicks he has scored for Wolves.

5. vs Aston Villa (2019)

Neves has been worshipped by Wolves fans since his arrival, but his strike in this West Midlands derby took their relationship to the next level.

Saying that, we just can't get over Aston Villa allowing the midfielder a free strike from 20 yards. Complete madness.

4. vs Manchester United (2019)

What this one lacks in power it more than makes up for in intelligence and finesse.

The speed of thought Neves showed to swivel the ball onto his right foot and pick his spot with four players closing him down was sensational.

3. vs Liverpool (2019)

Neves does not discriminate between competitions. It does not matter if it's the Championship, Europa League, Premier League or FA Cup.

If you give him some space 30 yards out he is going to kick it really hard into the bloody goal hole.

2. vs Espanyol (2020)

Espanyol's right-back probably thought he'd done an okay job with his clearance. It was a bit looping, yes, but at least he made solid contact.

We're sure that gave him some solace as he watched the ball sail into the top corner.

1. vs Derby County (2018)

Neves had no right to score from here, particularly after that loose first touch.

Not to be disheartened, he managed to reposition his feet with the speed of a salsa dancer before hitting the sweetest volley you are ever likely to see. This one will take some beating, but we reckon he is up for the challenge.