RB Leipzig manager Jesse Marsch interested in USMNT role

Lizzy Becherano
RB Leipzig manager Jesse Marsch expressed interest in USMNT manager role
RB Leipzig manager Jesse Marsch expressed interest in USMNT manager role / Martin Rose/Getty Images

RB Leipzig manager Jesse Marsch has admitted to eyeing up the USMNT head coach position after labelling the possibility as “incredibly interesting.”

Marcsch’s comments come after he interacted with a tweet that criticized the current national team manager Gregg Berhalter, causing a wave of controversy. Now, the RB Leipzig manager cleared up his intentions by affirming that the position is something he hopes to have in the future, should the right timing come together. 

“I would hope so,” Marsch, 47, said. “I would hope there's timing where it comes together, that there’s people that believe I’m the right person to lead the national team, that believe my coaching philosophies and my leadership philosophies are what we need. I don’t know when that is, I don't know what that would mean in terms of timing again.”

Marsch didn't shy away from reminding the press of his credentials, citing his own contributions to the US men’s national team as a player and former assistant coach. 

He debuted with the team during a World Cup qualifier against Trinidad and Tobago in 2001 before earning his second cap in 2007. After retirement, Marsch joined Bob Bradely to lead as assistant coach for one year. 

“Certainly being part of the national team as a player and as an assistant coach, I know how important the job is to the sport in our country,” said Marsch, who played in 321 MLS games from 1996-2007. "I appreciate how important it is and I would love the opportunity to try and lead the group in a way that would represent the country and the fans and everything to the best of my abilities and the best of our abilities.”

“I love the US, I love the American mentality, I love our desire to try to be the best in every way, in everything we do even if it's naive sometimes, and in our sport, I think there's so much more room for growth and potential. Yeah, of course that project is one that is incredibly interesting.”

On the club stage, Marsch managed to win the Supporters’ shield with the New York Red Bulls before leaving for Europe to lead Austria’s RB Salzburg in title wins and Champions League runs. After Julian Nagelsmann left for Bayern Munich, Marsch took over RB Leipzig. 

The USMNT has not expressed any disdain at Gregg Berhalter, failing to provide any signal that a shift in managerial staff is on the horizon.