Raquinho the raccoon gets very own MLS Topps Now trading card

  • Raquinho took the internet by storm during MLS Rivalry Week
  • The famous raccoon received his very own Topps Now trading card
  • Raquinho did not record a goal or as
Raquinho the raccoon, the MLS sensation, received a special Topps Now collectible card.
Raquinho the raccoon, the MLS sensation, received a special Topps Now collectible card. / Photo by Topps

Raquinho, the raccoon who garnered Major League Soccer headlines after an unprompted debut in the New York City FC vs Philadelphia Union match, received his own Topps Now trading card.

Raquinho the Raccoon debuted during MLS Rivalry Week in the 21st minute. NYCFC lead 1-0 at the time while stadium staff worked to get Raquinho off the pitch as play was halted. After a brief chase, staff were able to wrangle Raquinho and resume play. The Union released an update on social media that Raqinho was placed in good hands with Hoffman's Exterminating and was released safely. Legend says Raquinho is still available to sign with any MLS club.

The league and social media had some fun with the raccoon officially dubbing him Raquinho. According to Major League Soccer's communications account on X, Raquinho spent an unofficial 161 seconds on the field, the most by a raccoon in the league's history.

The fun didn't stop the next day. Topps, the collectible card company, ended up creating a special card for Raquinho through Topps Now.

Raquinho the raccoon gets his very own Topps Now trading card

"The raccoon who invaded the pitch at yesterday's game is getting his very own MLS trading card... available now," Topps said on social media.

This is not a joke, nor is it just a virtual collectible. This is a real, paper card that fans can purchase now. Those wanting to purchase a copy of Raquinho can do so on the official Topps website. There are multiple options available, but the card comes in at $8.99.

  • One card - $8.99
  • Five cards - $32.49
  • 10 cards - $54.99
  • 20 cards - $89.99

Since Raquinho's card is through Topps Now, the card is only available through May 19. According to Topps' website, the card will ship seven-to-10 business days after the expiration date. There are even special parallels of Raquinho available.

What is Topps Now?

Topps Now was first added back in 2016 as a special service for card collectors. Those interested can purchase a specific card available for a limited time and get it delivered to your doorstep. For collectors, it offers them an alternative celebrating a special moment in sports without having to wait for a new release.

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