Qatar Supreme Committee respond to Denmark kit release

Denmark has released a new kit
Denmark has released a new kit / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages

The Qatar Supreme Committee have released a statement criticising the Hummel kits released for Denmark ahead of the FIFA World Cup, stating that they 'whole-heartedly reject' the protest against the country's human rights record.

In launching the three Denmark jerseys for the World Cup in Qatar, Hummel stated that the all-red, all-black and all-white kits were designed that way as the manufacturer 'don’t wish to be visible during a tournament that has cost thousands of people their lives'.

Discussions around how workers have been treated by Qatar in the process of readying the country to host a major tournament have been rife in recent weeks, with a report stating that 6,500 people died during this process.

As expected, the nation have hit back at these claims and Hummels' kit launch, stating: “Since winning the right to host the FIFA World Cup, the SC has worked diligently alongside the Qatari government to ensure that the tournament delivers a lasting social legacy.

“For that reason, we dispute Hummel’s claim that this tournament has cost thousands of people their lives. Furthermore, we whole-heartedly reject the trivialising our genuine commitment to protect the health and safety of the 30,000 workers who built FIFA World Cup™️ stadiums and other tournament projects.

“That same commitment now extends to 150,000 workers across various tournament services and 40,000 workers in the hospitality sector.

“The onus should always be on countries to do more to protect the rights of peoples all over the world, including in Denmark. The SC’s work is recognised by numerous entities within the international human rights community as a model that has accelerated progress and improved lives. Qatar’s reforms are acknowledged by the ILO and ITUC as a benchmark in the region. Like every country, progress on these issues is a journey without a finish line, and Qatar is committed to that journey.

“We urge the DBU to accurately convey the outcome of their extensive communication and work with the SC, and to ensure that this is accurately communicated to their partners at Hummel.”