Premier League Clubs Discuss 4 Options for Summer Transfer Window Timetable

Jamie Spencer
Premier League clubs must vote on transfer window dates
Premier League clubs must vote on transfer window dates / Pool/Getty Images

Premier League clubs are discussing a timetable for the summer transfer window at Tuesday’s shareholder meeting, in which a number of proposed options are on the table.

Despite permission from FIFA to open the transfer window prior to the end of the season, the Premier League had not intended to kick off the summer market any sooner than the final day of the campaign, thereby minimising any distractions or unsettling of players and clubs.

Yet a later start could mean a later finish and the summer deadline.

UEFA wants transfer deadlines across Europe to fall no later than 5 October. That would be around a month into the (delayed) new season, which is expected to begin some time in September, which would also be fairly typical compared to a normal campaign (albeit everything a month behind).

But the Daily Mail writes that two of the Premier League’s four proposed transfer timetables would see the summer window remain open beyond 5 October.

The reason UEFA is pushing for a blanket 5 October deadline is because the deadline to register new players for Champions League and Europa League group stages will fall the next day.

It makes sense for the Premier League to fall in line because a longer deadline could mean any club who signs a player outside of UEFA’s squad registration window would not be able to use them in European games until the knockout rounds.

Manchester United are keen on signing Jadon Sancho
Manchester United are keen on signing Jadon Sancho / Lars Baron/Getty Images

FIFA permits a 12-week summer transfer window, but refusing to open the window before the end of the season and insisting on taking the full 12 weeks would mean a deadline of 19 October.

According to the Mail, that is one of the four options. Another is a 12-week window finishing on 5 October, meaning it would have to begin on 13 July, two weeks before the season ends.

There is also a shorter 10-week option beginning on 27 July the day after the last day of the season and finishing on 5 October. A fourth is a 10-week window with the same dates, but with a further two weeks afterwards to complete domestic transfers.

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