Premier League players & managers will not conduct Match of the Day interviews

Match of the Day is in the headlines for the wrong reasons
Match of the Day is in the headlines for the wrong reasons / Visionhaus/GettyImages

Players and managers of Premier League sides playing on Saturday will not partake in usual interviews with BBC Sport's Match of the Day.

The country's leading football highlights show is in hot water after it was revealed presenter Gary Lineker was forced to step back from his role in a row over his use of social media.

Lineker compared the language used by the UK government's new asylum policy to "that used by Germany in the 30s".

Following the BBC's decision to temporarily stand Lineker down, several of the show's pundits - including Ian Wright, Alan Shearer and Alex Scott - revealed they would stand in solidarity with the former England striker and not participate in Saturday's broadcast.

The BBC released another statement on Friday night revealing Match of the Day will go ahead without studio punditry. However, commentator Steve Wilson later said he and his colleagues from the show will not provide audio, and the programme will instead have to use commentary from the Premier League's global feed.

Reports have suggested players and managers will too stand in solidarity with Lineker and refuse to do interviews with BBC Sport.

The PFA revealed prior to Saturday's fixtures they will stand by players in their decision to back away from these media duties.



A statement read: "We have been informed that players in today's games will not be asked to participate in interviews with Match of the Day.

"The PFA have been speaking to members who wanted to take a collective position and to be able to show their support for those who have chosen not to be part of tonight's programme.

"During those conversations, we made clear that, as their union, we would support all members who might face consequences for choosing not to complete their broadcast commitments.

"This is a common sense decision that ensures players won't now be put in that position."