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Premier League on the verge of signing record-breaking £1.1bn US TV deal

Lizzy Becherano
Premier League on the verge of signign record-breaking TV rights deal
Premier League on the verge of signign record-breaking TV rights deal / Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

The Premier League is set to sign a record-breaking US television rights deal worth over £1bn ($1.34bn) that will benefit each club in the division.

Current rights holders NBC first took charge of Premier League broadcasting in 2013, paying £180m ($250m) for three years' worth of games, before extending their deal in 2015 to cover up to the end of the 2021/22 campaign.

Now, The Mirror state that a deal worth in excess of £1bn is on the cards, with an unnamed firm close to striking a six-year deal which could push the total overseas rights income for the period of 2022 to 2025 well over the £9bn mark.

NBC, who paid £740m for the rights between 2016 and 2022, are expected to be given a portion of the new rights, with a spokesman for the company telling The Times: "We certainly want to continue our great relationship with the Premier League." 

CBS and ESPN are both keen to get in on the action, but the proposed split between the companies involved is not yet clear.

To compare, La Liga’s new US deal with ESPN is worth about £120m ($138m) this season, with UEFA earning just over £100m ($115m) from CBS for the Champions League and other competitions. 

Serie A is getting is getting less than £50m ($57m) a season from CBS, while ESPN pays Bundesliga just under £25m ($28m) a year for its rights.

Now, networks in the United States have until November 8 to place their bids to the league for rights, with plenty of offers expected according to reports. There is potential for the final fee to increase, depending on just how intense the bidding war becomes.

The United States has slowly established a strong influence inside the boardrooms of Premier League clubs, with Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Burnley, Leeds United, Crystal Palace and Aston Villa all represented by the States in terms of ownership or part-ownership.