Premier League All-Star games could be played against teams from rival European leagues

Sean Walsh
Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly got the All-Star discourse going recently
Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly got the All-Star discourse going recently / CARLOS JASSO/GettyImages

Plans to stage an annual Premier League All-Star games have extended to possibly competing against fellow All-Star sides from Europe's top leagues.

Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly hit the headlines earlier in September when he suggested that the Premier League could host a north vs south All-Star match, though this came in for widespread criticism from those in English football.

The Times now report that Premier League executives have since given further consideration to the idea, but that a more likely outcome would be to hold All-Star games against other similar selections from La Liga, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 or Serie A.

The plan would be to hold these matches either in the summer or during the winter break - though finding a suitable spot in the calendar would still prove tricky - while they would likely take place outside of England, instead being played elsewhere in Europe or across the globe to grow audiences and secure more lucrative foreign TV rights deals.

While it has been previously suggested that any All-Star game could potentially clash with the Community Shield, US investors at Premier League clubs believe they would find a way to not belittle it while making any new one-off match a plus for English football.