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Video shows Pele recovering well from colon surgery

Max Cooper
Pele is recovering well from surgery
Pele is recovering well from surgery / Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Footballing legend Pele has posted a video of himself playing with a ball in high sprits, as he continues his recovery from colon surgery having left intensive care for a second time.

The 80-year-old had a tumour removed from his colon and was initially released from intensive care in hospital in Sao Paulo earlier this month, only to be brought back in two days later. He has spent the past few days recovering from that setback, and seems to be on the mend.

The Brazilian shared a video on Instagram on Tuesday showing he was in a positive mood on his road to recovery from the surgery, throwing a ball with his nurse in his hospital room to the sound of Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance.'

The video was accompanied by the warming caption: "Physical therapist Kamila is helping me warm up to return to the field. No matter the size of the challenge. The secret is to celebrate every little victory along the way."

The daughter of the Brazilian legend Kely Nascimento has also calmed fears around her father's health of late, stating that he had taken a little step back, but has now taken two steps forwards in his bid to return to full fitness.

"He is recovering well, I promise!

"He doesn't like it when I say this so please don't tell him, but he's an old man now. On average, a man of his age can sometimes take two steps forward and one step back when recovering from an operation like this. It's very normal.

"Yesterday he was tired and took a little step back. Today he took two forwards!"

Pele is widely considered as the greatest footballer to have ever played the sport, winning three World Cups and scoring more than 1,000 goals throughout his glittering career.