Paul Pogba Discusses Man Utd's Inconsistency, Winning Mentality & Recovering From COVID-19

Tom Gott
Paul Pogba helped inspire Man Utd's comeback against West Ham
Paul Pogba helped inspire Man Utd's comeback against West Ham / Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

Manchester United came from behind to secure a 3-1 win over West Ham on Saturday, with Paul Pogba's stunning long-range strike kick-starting the Red Devils' comeback.

It was easily the finest performance of the season so far for Pogba, whose campaign has been plagued by injuries and COVID-19, and his positive performance was inspirational in United turning things around against West Ham.

After the game, Pogba spoke to MUTV to break down what has been a thoroughly confusing season for everyone associated with United.

On a Game of Two Halves Against West Ham

West Ham were on top for the first 45
West Ham were on top for the first 45 / Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

West Ham were overwhelmingly dominant in the first half, firing 12 shots on goal in the first 45 against United. Only in the 6-1 loss to Tottenham have Solskjaer's side allowed more efforts in a first half.

“Fortunately, it’s football. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know we have to improve on this. We don’t want a reaction, we want to do it from the start. The result is positive today.

"We have to improve, we know we can improve, we can do so much better and we showed it in the second half. Let’s keep positive, it’s a positive result. In the second half, we showed who we were and the result came by itself.”

On His Great Goal

“The kick from Dean [Henderson] was a bit...we didn’t know if it was out or in but we just went for it. I just went for it, I saw Bruno [Fernandes] had the ball and I was free. I hit it in the first half, it didn’t go well, but the second time it went in and I’m really happy with this.

"I feel confident, I feel myself, like more in my legs and physically I feel much better. It’s good, you know, just to get back in the team, and to score this goal to help the team get back in the game, it’s very important for the team. I’m very happy for that.”

On His Physical Health

"I’m finding my rhythm as well. I feel so much better today, I felt I could go again, control the game, getting the ball. That’s what I like, myself. That’s what I think is good for the team. I’m a team player. As long as the team wins, that’s the most important, you know. I find myself good and we want to win. That’s why I came here and that’s why I want to be successful.

"[Dealing with COVID-19 is] strange, it’s hard to explain because you wouldn’t understand. Even in training, I would say to the fitness coach that I feel strange. It’s not me. I get tired very fast and I’m out of breath really fast.

"The first game of the season, I couldn’t run. I was trying. I spoke with the manager, 'I will start the game and let’s see,' but I was very out of breath and it took me a long time to get me back to my fitness and to get back physically good.”

On United's Winning Mentality

United have made a habit of coming from behind
United have made a habit of coming from behind / Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

United have won their opening six away games this season, despite conceding first in each match.

“Always. It has to be inside. I mean, always. We cannot afford to lose and be happy with a loss or a draw. We have to be bad losers, that’s what we have to be, and always want to win. Even 1-0 or 6-5… We have to win. That’s what we want.”

On Having Fans Back

Pogba cupped his ear to the West Ham fans to celebrate his goal
Pogba cupped his ear to the West Ham fans to celebrate his goal / Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

“So good, so good. Because the first’s like good pressure, I would say. I like this. I like this pressure. It’s nice even for West Ham to have fans, to hear the crowd, you know.

"It’s such a difference, it feels good and football without fans is not football I would say. It’s totally different. Of course, it’s football but with with the crowd you can feel the love of the fans, so good.”

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