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Patryk Klimala claims MLS is better than Scottish Premiership

Lizzy Becherano
 New York Red Bulls player Patryk Klimala claims MLS is better than the Scottish league
New York Red Bulls player Patryk Klimala claims MLS is better than the Scottish league / Ira L. Black - Corbis/Getty Images

New York Red Bulls forward Patryk Klimala came out in support of Major League Soccer’s recent progress in talent and competition, claiming the American league “is better than the Scottish league".

Klimala, who spent the best part of 18 months with Celtic before heading to New York, added that scouts are now traveling to the United States to look for the next best athlete. 

“In my humble opinion, MLS is a better league than the Scottish league and many scouts from all over the world come to the USA to look for talent,” he told the Daily Record.

The Polish striker first joined the league on April 22 after signing a four-year contract with the New York Red Bulls as a Designated Player.

“One of the main reasons I went to the USA was game time,” Klimala added. “I missed that a lot. I was frustrated, which is why I made this decision with a snap of my fingers. I knew that there would be a greater chance for development here. For now, I think it has been a good move.”

In only a couple of months, Klimala has topped his Celtic record. The 23-year old has managed seven goals and five assists in 22 matches for the New York MLS side, compared to three goals in 18 outings in Scotland.

“I think many people at Celtic are surely now aware how much progress I have made,” Klimala said. “I think in retrospect I chose well.”

The New York Red Bulls sit in 11th place with 31 points in 26 matches, narrowly missing out on a 2021 playoff spot. The team has eight regular-season matches remaining to end the season on a high note.