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Odisha FC’s performance analyst highlights positives from 2021-22 ISL season

Mudeet Arora
Odisha FC had a decent ISL 2021-22 season
Odisha FC had a decent ISL 2021-22 season / ISL

Indian Super League club Odisha FC's performance analyst Meet Mandavia has spoken up about his personal journey in this new upcoming field of football.

In an interview with Sportskeeda, Mandavia described his stint in this field up till now.

"While I was doing my engineering, I realized I did not want to proceed further along the same line. Hence, I got into football coaching.

"I think I got really late on deciding whether I wanted to play football. So, I did my first coaching license, the AIFF D License, and got into coaching. I started working in a local academy.

"During the lockdown, unfortunately, we were not able to operate. I did not intend on sitting idle and wanted to do anything related to football since I was committed to it."

Odisha FC hired Mandavia ahed of last season and they had a decent 2021-22 campaign.

Expressing his thoughts on the season, Mandavia said, "We started off very well. We had ambition; we had a goal. We wanted to make it to the top four. Unfortunately, some results didn’t go our way. In the end, it was a little disappointing. But what I am really proud of is that not even a single day I had the feeling that the team isn’t doing enough. Everybody was committed to the project and the goal. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t.

“Of course, we need to analyze and find a solution. But at no point was I disappointed to be part of the team. Everybody worked hard, especially the commitment from the players was phenomenal right from day one to the very last day. We did not achieve the goals we set out to achieve. But there were a lot of positives. Some of the wins, especially the one against Bengaluru FC. Things like this were very positive for us."

The development in demand for analysts in Indian football is great news for the budding future of the sport in the country.

These analysts figure out exactly what a particular club possesses and what it needs to take them to the next level in terms of coaching, tactics, training session analysis and more.