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NYCFC 6-0 Real Salt Lake: Player ratings as Taty Castellanos breaks team record with four goals

Lizzy Becherano
Valentin Castellanos led New York City FC to their 6-0 win over RSL.
Valentin Castellanos led New York City FC to their 6-0 win over RSL. / Ira L. Black - Corbis/GettyImages

New York City FC triumphed 6-0 over Real Salt Lake as goals from Taty Castellanos and Thiago Andrade led the Eastern Conference side to their first league victory since March. 

The reigning champions saw a disappointing start to their 2022 campaign, finding it difficult to balance the Concacaf Champions League with their MLS commitments. They headed into week 7 with only four points, sitting last on the table before finally turning things around on Sunday against Real Salt Lake. 

Ronny Deila’s side kicked off the match at Yankee Stadium with a newfound energy, scoring two in the first 20 minutes. 

Star figure Taty Castellanos was the first to find the back of the net, capitalizing on a set piece to head the ball into the goal from the center of the box. Thiago Andrade then quickly followed up, finding a swift pass from Talles Magno to complete a left footed shot to the lower left corner. 

NYCFC’s dominance continued after a foul by Tate Schmitt on Keaton Parks inside the box awarded the hosts a penalty. Taty stepped up and buried the shot for the 3-0 tally to close out the first half. 

The second 45 minutes saw the hosts score three more with Andrade and Castellanos getting their names on the scoresheet again. Thiago was first to the goal, completing a right footed shot from outside the box after a dynamic play by teammate Santiago Rodriguez. 

A foul on Castellanos inside the box saw him take to the penalty spot again to complete his hat-trick before he struck a fourth in the 80th minute. That strike made NYCFC history, breaking the record for most goals scored by a single player in one game. 

Real Salt Lake could not compete with NYCFC’s tempo, falling behind to defend and rarely pushing forward. 

It looks like Deila’s side may be back to their scoring ways, bouncing back from a Concacaf Champions League loss to focus solely on Major League Soccer and thrive. The team boosted their spot on the table, moving up to 10th with 11 points in six matches.

New York City FC player ratings

1. NYCFC (4-2-3-1)

Valentin Castellanos
Valentin Castellanos broke New York City FC record by scoring four goals in a single match. / Ira L. Black - Corbis/GettyImages

GK: Sean Johnson - 8/10 - Not constantly tested, but delivered when necessary.

RB: Tayvon Gray - 6.5/10 -
Stable at the back, but not his greatest performance. He took a backseat role in a game that called for him to push forward.

CB: Thiago Martins- 7/10 -
Five necessary clearances before managing a shot on goal, not much more needed from a center back.

CB: Alex Callens - 7.5/10 -
Quickly becoming a key component in NYCFC's success. Active throughout the pitch, securing the back and inspiring the offense. Almost scored.

LB: Malte Amundsen - 7/10 -
Did his job, not much to report on.

RW: Thiago Andrade - 9/10 -
Two goals. An excellent performance throughout, found the net but also worked to create opportunities for those around him.

CM: Keaton Parks - 7.5/10 -
Decent match, one shot on goal and two off target.

CAM: Santiago Rodríguez - 8/10 -
Constantly pushing forward and creative on the attack, managed two assists and one shot on goal.

CM: Alfredo Morales - 7/10 -
Played a supporting role in a highly offensive match from NYCFC, but individually failed to stand out.

LW: Talles Magno - 8.5/10 -
A great supporting player, creative and quick on the attack before proving himself with an assist.

F: Valentin Castellanos - 10/10 -
Four goals to break an NYCFC record.

SUB: Gabriel Pereira ('59 for Rodriguez - 8/10 -
Came in with high energy, almost scored in the 77th minute.

SUB: Nicolás Acevedo ('59 for Morales) - 6/10 -
Still a bit awkward getting into the game.

SUB: Héber ('71 for Parks) - 7/10 -
Entered with fresh energy, scored before it was disallowed.

SUB: Gedion Zelalem ('71 for Magno) - 7/10 -
New energy, works as a second to Magno.

SUB: Vuk Latinovich ('71 for Martins) - 7/10 -
Held things down.

Real Salt Lake player ratings

2. Real Salt Lake (4-2-3-1)

Bobby Wood, Justin Meram
Bobby Wood and Justin Meram led Real Salt Lake's attack vs. NYCFC. / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

GK: Zac MacMath - 7.5/10 - Doing well as a replacement for David Ochoa, saved RSL from losing at least 7-0. Kept out a stunning header from Thiago Andrade in the first half.

RB: Aaron Herrera - 6/10 -
Another disappointment at the back, can easily perform better but appeared lost when Andrade and Castellanos pushed forward.

CB: Jaziel Orozco - 5/10 -
Mediocre defending before fouling Castellanos to award NYCFC a second penalty.

CB: Marcelo Silva - 6.5/10 -
Strongest of the backline which says more about the defense than Silva. Recorded six clearances, but constantly appeared overwhelmed.

LB: Tate Schmitt - 4/10 -
Extremely disappointing, left Castellanos completely unmarked in the first goal before bad defending in the building up to the second goal. To top off, at fault for the foul that awarded NYCFC a penalty.

RW: Sergio Córdova - 5/10 -
Went unnoticed after struggling to create anything, managed only 11 touches in 45.

CM: Pablo Ruíz - 7.5/10 -
The most involved player, but those around failed him.

CAM: Damir Kreilach - 7/10 -
Managed the only true chance for RSL in the first half before disappearing.

CM: Scott Caldwell - 6/10 -
Failed to push forward, instead opted for a disappointing defensive role.

LW: Justin Meram - 7/10 -
Slowly got more into the game, but not nearly as threatening to create anything.

F: Bobby Wood - 6/10 -
Didn't work as the lone striker, an underwhelming overall performance managing one shot on target and 27 touches in over 60 minutes of play.

SUB: Andrew Brody (46' for Cordova) - 5/10
- Nothing on the attack, used as depth but did not work.

SUB: Maikel Chang (64' for Schmitt) - 7/10
- Did better than Schmitt at the back.

SUB: Rubio Rubin (64' for Wood) - 6/10
- Tried to push forward but nothing came of it.

SUB: Everton Luiz (64' for Caldwell) - 6/10
- Couldn't do anything to halt NYCFC's rhythm by the time he came in.

SUB: Nick Besler ('81 for Ruiz) - N/A