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Newell's Old Boys shoot their shot with Lionel Messi transfer

Tom Gott
Newell's want to bring Lionel Messi back to Argentina
Newell's want to bring Lionel Messi back to Argentina / Buda Mendes/Getty Images

It's not every day that one of the best footballers in history becomes a free agent, and Newell's Old Boys are looking to take advantage of that.

The man in question is, of course, Lionel Messi, whose contract at Barcelona has now officially expired. Talks are ongoing over an extension but there are major financial hurdles to overcome before an agreement can be reached.

As it stands, Messi is free to join any club on the planet. Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are the usual suspects, but Newell's have taken the chance to throw their hat into the ring and bring Messi back to his former club.

"Hi Leo, are you there? In Argentina it is now July 1..." Newell's wrote on Twitter alongside a picture of Messi in a club shirt. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."


A return to Newell's is obviously not happening just yet, but representatives of the Argentinian side have repeatedly stressed that they believe they will bring Messi back to the club at some point in the future, and Messi himself has even flirted with the idea.

"I have the dream of being able to play for Newell's in Argentina, but I don't know if it's really going to happen because I have a family that is ahead of my desire," he told TyC Sports (via Goal) in 2019. "It's a dream I've had since I was little, but I have a family, I have three children, I live in a place that has given me everything and where I am calm and can give my children a spectacular future."

Messi spent five years with Newell's between 1995 and 2000, during which it quickly became clear that he was going to become something special. Just look at this footage of him at eight years old.

In the meantime, Messi is expected to continue negotiating his extension with Barcelona, who are working on finding a way to make it all work with La Liga's salary cap.

Barcelona are calm about the whole thing and are satisfied that they will get a deal tied up eventually, but this one could drag on for a little while longer.

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