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Most tackles: Major League Soccer 2022 season

Chris Smith
The art of tackling is not lost in MLS.
The art of tackling is not lost in MLS. / Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Every team needs a tough tackler; that player who will throw himself into any challenge in an effort to stop the opposition, no matter the cost to himself.

Of course, number of tackles doesn't necessarily equate to quality of ball-winner. But practice makes perfect and more often than not, the player getting stuck in the most is the one who does it best.

With its fast pace, top-heavy rosters, and unpredictability, MLS needs players who can tackle frequently and effectively even more than most other leagues.

Keep track of Major League Soccer's most frequent tacklers throughout the 2022 season below to see who is getting the job done:

Players with the same number of tackles are separated by minutes played.

  1. Pedro Santos, Columbus Crew - 72 (990 mins)
  2. Pablo Ruiz, Real Salt Lake - 60 (969 mins)
  3. Gregore, Inter Miami - 58 (900 mins)
  4. Mark-Anthony Kaye, Colorado Rapids - 55 (920 mins)
  5. Paxton Pomykal, FC Dallas - 53 (891 mins)
  6. Claudio Bravo, Portland Timbers - 52 (692 mins)
  7. Leon Flach, Philadelphia Union - 52 (903 mins)
  8. Diego Palacios, LAFC - 49 (787 mins)
  9. Yuya Kubo, FC Cincinnati - 48 (669 mins)
  10. Jean Mota, Inter Miami - 48 (936 mins)