Most Premier League Points Won By a Player's Goals - Ranked

Alan Shearer's goals won a shed load of points for Blackburn in the 1990s
Alan Shearer's goals won a shed load of points for Blackburn in the 1990s | Getty Images/Getty Images

Sadio Mané has been incredibly important to Liverpool's relentless romp to the Premier League title this season. Anyone with can see that. However, a recent stat really drove the point home.

The forward's goals have so far earned the Reds 18 points during the current campaign, which is a joint division-high alongside Raul Jimenez - who has been similarly talismanic for Wolves.

Although both have been indispensable to their respective teams, they have a long way to go before they challenge the elite group of players whose goals have garnered the most points in Premier League history.

Here's what the current leaderboard looks like...

5. Alan Shearer (1995/1996) - 25 Points

Alan Shearer won his third consecutive Premier League Golden Boot during the 1995/1996 campaign
Alan Shearer won his third consecutive Premier League Golden Boot during the 1995/1996 campaign | Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Spoiler alert - albeit not a particularly surprising one. This is not the last time that the Premier League's all-time leading goalscorer will be appearing on this list.

During the 1995/1996 season Shearer was in typically imperious form, racking up 31 goals in what was a fairly underwhelming season for Blackburn Rovers.

Rovers were defending the Premier League crown that they had won a season prior, but could only muster a seventh placed finish. Things would have been even worse if not for Shearer's goals, which won his side no less than 25 of their 61 points that season.

4. Alan Shearer (1994/1995) - 26 Points

Alan Shearer helped Blackburn win the Premier League title in 1995 | Michael Cooper/Getty Images

Oh, it's you again.

That's right, Blackburn fans have a lot to thank Shearer for, as during their 1994/1995 Premier League title winning season his goals earned them 26 points.

In the end, Rovers secured their first top flight crown since the Edwardian era by a margin of just one point - meaning they would have been nowhere near the top of the table if it wasn't for their Geordie goal-getter.

3. James Beattie (2002/2003) - 27 Points

James Beattie
James Beattie is a Southampton fan favourite | Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Though his reputation has taken a bit of a battering after it emerged that he may have had a naked fight with Tony Pulis during his time at Stoke City, James Beattie was a fantastic goal scorer in his day.

The zenith of his top flight scoring exploits came during the 2002/2003 season, when he managed to strike on 23 occasions for Southampton.

The Saints secured an eighth placed finish that campaign, mainly due to Beattie's fabulous form. In total, a staggering 27 of the club's 52 points were won directly due to his goals.

2. Robin van Persie (2012/2013) - 27 Points

Robin van Persie made an immediate impact for Manchester United, after signing from Arsenal in 2012 | ANDREW YATES/Getty Images

Sir Alex Ferguson brought Robin van Persie in from Arsenal in summer 2012 to close the gap on Manchester City and ensure the Premier League trophy returned to Old Trafford.

It was a big ask - but Van Persie was more than up to the task. The Dutchman struck 26 times during the 2012/2013 campaign, goals which directly led to 27 points for the Red Devils.

Sure enough, Van Persie's exploits were enough to secure United the title and they enjoyed a hefty lead over their city rivals for much of the season.

1. Alan Shearer (1993/1994) - 33 Points

Alan Shearer
No player's goals has won more points for a Premier League team than Alan Shearer's | Getty Images/Getty Images

Come on, who else was really going to be at number one?

As his two other inclusions on this list demonstrate, Shearer goals were always vitally important to Blackburn during their period of success during the 1990s.

However, his most influential spell came during the 1993/1994 campaign when his 31 strikes garnered Rovers 32 points.

It wasn't quite enough to get the club over the line in the title race - they'd have to wait another season for that - but this was the year when people began to sit up and take real notice of Shearer's generational talent.