'Mo Salah! Mo Salah!' Liverpool chant lyrics, origin and video

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The Egyptian King
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There's nothing quite like the ingenuity of football fans, is there?

Taking absolute bangers, reconstructing them to the theme of their own club, and subsequently ramming the product down opposition fans' throats week after week. Liverpool, to be fair, are among the best.

The clubs unwavering fanbase is beyond loud when it wants to be, and when the thought of their Egyptian star man on the right gets into their minds, the shouts of 'Mo Salah! Mo Salah!' are almost deafening.

But where on earth does that famous - and not-at-all grating - chant emanate from, and what are the lyrics?

'Mo Salah! Mo Salah!' Liverpool chant lyrics

There aren't too many words to the chant, but that's part of what makes it so damn catchy. The lyrics are:

'Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Mo Salah, running down the wing!'

'Salah, la, la, la, la, la, the Egyptian King!'

And repeat until one's ears bleed.

'Mo Salah! Mo Salah!' Liverpool chant origin

If the tune to this famous chant sounds familiar to you, that's because it definitely is.

When Mancunian rock band James initially released one of their biggest hits, Sit Down, in June 1989, they would have done well to predict its fantastic melody's adoption as the worshipful tune for an Egyptian winger.

The song peaked at number two in the UK's Singles Charts upon re-release in 1991 and was the year's 20th best-selling single in the country.

Now, however, it is now impossible to sing the belter without replacing 'sit down' with Liverpool's 'Mo Salah'. Some legacy, eh?

The original lyrics in James' song that the Reds faithful decided to tinker with are:

'Oh, sit down; oh, sit down; oh, sit down.'

'Sit down next to me. Sit down (sit down, sit down, sit down, down)'

'In sympathy.'

With that reimagined chorus, it's difficult to decide which version is the true masterpiece.

James, however, hold no grudges and even approve of the update. Speaking to Liverpool back in 2018, the band's lead vocalist, Tim Booth hailed it as "witty".

"Liverpool supporters have always been some of the best in the world; as a neutral, they’ve always been the fans I’ve respected the most because they get behind the team no matter what," he told the club.

“I’ve always had a good soft spot for Liverpool and their ability to find a witty song – so, great, they can have it.

“We’ve been precious with Sit Down. We know it means a lot to people and we’ve stopped a lot of adverts or people using it in ways that we felt might denigrate it.

“But one of the greatest footballers in the world can have it, when he’s playing such beautiful football it’s a pleasure.”

When did Liverpool fans first chant 'Mo Salah! Mo Salah!'?

It's thought the song was brought to the fore when some genius in a pub - definitely, maybe not sober - came up with the chant following Liverpool's incredible 4-3 Premier League victory over Manchester City in January 2018.

In a brilliant response to the sale of the talismanic Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona, Salah stood up and delivered what we now see weekly as he assisted the third and scored the all-important fourth for his side.

And, as a result, he was given this...

'Mo Salah! Mo Salah!' Liverpool chant video

It's not just Liverpool fans belting it out, either.

And it's not even just humans...