MLS records Lionel Messi and Inter Miami can break this season

  • Lionel Messi broke an MLS record for most assists in a game
  • Messi accrued five assists against New York Red Bulls
  • If Inter Miami keeps up this form, other records are no longer safe
New York Red Bulls v Inter Miami CF
New York Red Bulls v Inter Miami CF / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Lionel Messi put on a show against New York Red Bulls over the weekend providing five assists in a 6-2 win for Inter Miami.

New York Red Bulls jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the 30th minute thanks to Dante Vanzeir. And then, Lionel Messi took over. Messi assisted Matias Rojas for the equalizer in the second half and then scored the go-ahead goal in the 50th minute. From there, Messi assists Rojas again and Luis Suarez three times for the Uruguayan's first hat-trick in MLS. Suarez accomplished the feat in just 12 minutes.

With the world talking about the former Barcelona duo once again after the game, thoughts began to circle around what other records Inter Miami could break this season. No record is safe with this Inter Miami team firing on all cylinders.

Here are some other MLS records Lionel Messi and Inter Miami could break this season.

Most goals scored by an MLS team in a single game

Los Angeles Galaxy - 8 (1996 against Dallas Burn)

Considering Inter Miami scored six on the weekend, this record feels like it's only a matter of time before it's smashed. The record is currently held by the Los Angeles Galaxy scoring eight in a single game against the Dallas Burn. This record has stood for 26 years.

Highest scoring games in MLS history

Los Angeles Galaxy vs Colorado Rapids - 11 (1998)

The highest scoring game in MLS history saw the LA Galaxy beat the Colorado Rapids 7-4 back in 1998. There have been games with 10 total goals, most recently between D.C. United and Real Salt Lake in 2015. Inter Miami certainly could take this record, but if it's topped the Herons will have likely conceded a number of goals in a game as well. Perhaps a 7-5 thriller is on the cards at some point this year.

Biggest winning margin in an MLS game

Los Angeles Galaxy - 7 (1996 against Dallas Burn)

Yep, Galaxy hold the record for biggest winning margin from the same game they put eight past Dallas Burn. If Inter Miami smash the most goals in a single game record, this will likely fall as well.

Longest winning streak in MLS history

Los Angeles Galaxy - 15 (Sept. 7, 1997 - May 17, 1998)

Yet another record held by LA Galaxy, the most wins in a row is sat at 15. Now, a caveat to this record. From 1996-1999, MLS games could not end in a draw. If there was a tie at the end of regulation, there would be a penalty shootout to determine the winner. Of course, that's changed now so this is probably the most difficult of the bunch to break. Still, never say never with Lionel Messi.

Longest undefeated streak in MLS history

Columbus Crew - 19 (July 3, 2004 - April, 2, 2005), FC Dallas - 19 (May 27, 2010 - Oct. 9, 2010)

Both Columbus Crew and FC Dallas hold the record for longest undefeated streak in MLS history at 19. Arguably, this is a more reasonable record to break considering draws qualify as being undefeated. The number of games is larger yes, but it allows Inter Miami to draw some games. As of writing, Miami is on a four-game winning streak with 12 played. If the Herons stack up some more wins, this might not be all that improbable.

Most goals scored in an MLS season

Los Angeles Galaxy - 85 (1998), Los Angeles FC - 85 (2019)

This is a no-brainer and likely the most obvious record to be shattered by the end of the season. Inter Miami has amassed 32 goals in 12 games so far this season. LAFC fell just one goal short in 2019 breaking its rival's record that's stood for 26 years. Inter Miami has 22 games left to score 33 goals.