MLS figure Chris Wondolowski set to be subject of new film

Roberto Rojas
Chris Wondolowski Will Have Movie Based On Him
Chris Wondolowski Will Have Movie Based On Him / Maciek Gudrymowicz/ISI Photos/GettyImages

A new feature-length movie is currently in development that will circle around the life and professional soccer career of MLS legend Chris Wondolowski, according to a report from The Athletic's Jeff Reuter.

The film is set to highlight the player's journey to professional soccer, from college prospect turned fourth-round MLS Supplemental Draft pick out of Chico State before going on to make a World Cup appearance and USMNT component.

“I definitely hope that my early years – high school and college, the first three or four years of playing – I really hope those are spotlighted, because I think that kind of embodies my story in a sense,” Wondolowski told Reuter. “I’d love to kind of shed the light of how I was balancing on the edge of a knife, whether I could continue [playing after high school and college] or whether anyone wanted me to continue," he said to the Athletic.

"I think it can also help, you know, shed some light on being able to recruit and that players slip through the cracks. You always can try to keep your dream and be able to have that journey, whichever way given the obstacles that come into that road.”

The film is still in development and still needs a director and writer to be secured for it. Gritty Films founder Ted Collins says that the timeline could be advanced by taking advantage of the World Cup in 2026.

Chris Wondolowski scored 171 goals across all MLS teams to become the league's all-time goalscorer playing 17 seasons before he retired in 2021. He currently serves as a assistant interim coach for the San Jose Earthquakes after joining their front office.