Miles Robinson pleased to be back with USMNT after a long injury layoff

Miles Robinson is back from injury to feature for the USMNT.
Miles Robinson is back from injury to feature for the USMNT. / John Dorton/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Atlanta United defender Miles Robinson is finally back with the US men's national team, after being ruled out of the World Cup with an Achilles injury.

The road back from injury is oftentimes very lonely and painful. However, USMNT defender Miles Robinson didn’t let that stop him on the road to recovery. Speaking with the media on Tuesday, Robinson touched on his recovery and how it was a mental and physical battle.

“It was definitely tough at some moments, more mentally than physically," Robinson said.

"The first few months, when you can't really walk, is definitely tough. Then towards the end when I could get out on the field. But watching the World Cup was also mentally pretty tough. I use it for motivation at this point. I'm so grateful to be back out here with this team.”

Missing the World Cup is difficult for any player, but for the Atlanta United defender - who would’ve been on that plane to Qatar had he stayed healthy- it was particularly painful both mentally and physically but relied on USMNT teammates and family to get through the situation.

"I’ve got to thank my family, they're always there supporting me. “All the physios in Atlanta, some physios even here with the national team helped me out. [LAFC defender] Aaron Long, you know, I was definitely texting him throughout the whole process."

Naturally, with an injury as severe as an Achilles rupture, Robinson was extra cautious and a slowly got more comfortable trusting his body again.

“There's definitely some pain I felt, but I think it was kind of finite, where maybe the first few weeks were tough," he said. “After that I kind of understood, this is the facts, this is the circumstances and I just have to get back out there, focus on every single day, how it lays out, and not really worry too much about the future. That's kind of been my mindset throughout my whole career.”

USMNT coach Anthony Hudson chimed in and talked about Robinson's character and how he's elated to see the 26-year-old back into the national team fold.

“He's someone that has been out for a long time, he had a terrible injury, it was such a shame," he said.

"We all felt terribly for him because one, he’s just a really, really good guy, good human being and a really important player. So for him to miss that much soccer and international soccer, and also the World Cup, was tough, was very tough for him.”

In the end, despite all the blood, sweat, and tears that it took Robinson to return to the national team fold, he’s ecstatic to be back and represent the Stars and Stripes again.

“At this point, I'm just happy to be back, happy to be back competing with these guys and proving myself."

As for his Atlanta United future? That remains to be seen. Robinson’s contract runs out at the end of this year, and he has yet to renew.

When asked about it, the center back said the injury gave him a new perspective on life, and he’s taking the future day by day.

"I don't really think too far in the future, personally. I kind of just take it day by day, focused on tomorrow's session, trying to play my best, show what I can do to contribute to this team, however any coach will see me.”

The United States is back in action this Friday as they take on Grenada.