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Mario Rivera believes it is wrong to blame Shree Cement for East Bengal's situation

Mudeet Arora
East Bengal has a huge fan base in east India
East Bengal has a huge fan base in east India / DIPTENDU DUTTA/AFP via Getty Images

East Bengal head coach Mario Rivera believes it is absolutely wrong to blame Shree Cement for the club's current plight without knowing what good they did for the club.

Rivera returned back to the Kolkata based club midway through their Indian Super League 2021-22 campaign after the sacking of their former manager Manolo Diaz.

44-year-old Rivera tried his best to resurrect a dead and buried East Bengal side with a couple of big wins in the ISL but couldn't do much as the Red and Gold brigade finished bottom of the ISL table with just 11 points in 20 games including one win, eight draws and 11 losses.

After their termination of partnership with Shree Cement on Tuesday, the club is once again in a problem and Rivera feels the club needs a cultural rebooot.

As reported in an exclusive chat with Sportskeeda, Rivera revealed some details about his appointment as well as informed fans it is wrong to blame Shree Cement fot East Bengal's plight.

He said, "Shree Cement management got me whatever I required of them. They never imposed any restrictions on me. They were always eager to help. The management was very keen to get good results and did everything possible for that.

"But sometimes, if the ball cannot go inside the goal post, you can’t do anything. It’s wrong to blame Shree Cement without knowing what they did for the club."

The Spaniard also revealed what should be the way ahead for East Bengal.

"I think the club officials, management, players and fans have to realize that in order to get good results in football you have to go step-by-step. It’s important to have a long-term vision."

Explaining the extent of the task at hand, Rivera said, "It’s impossible to build a team from scratch and become champions in just one season. You’ve to sign many young players, work with them, strengthen the grassroots and get good foreigners. You have to work for the future and plan for the next two to three years in advance.

"The current mentality needs to change. If you want a good East Bengal in the future, start believing in the process from now. Build a good academy and produce good talent. It’s a very difficult thing to achieve in Indian football. Only one or two clubs believe in the process.", he concluded.