Marcus Rashford - Great Footballer, Better Guy

Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford has worked tirelessly during lockdown | Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Marcus Rashford is a 22-year-old footballer who has made over 200 appearances for Manchester United and established himself as a regular England international.

He's won the FA Cup, League Cup, Europa League and Community Shield, on top of scoring at some of the world's biggest stadiums and blossoming into one of the Premier League's finest talents.

His accomplishments on the football pitch already create an outstanding list, and kids across the globe aspire to become the kind of player Rashford is.

Rashford has already won plenty of silverware | SOREN ANDERSSON/Getty Images

However, because of his actions during football's suspension, those same children now aspire to be the same kind of person as Rashford as well.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the world has fallen apart. Many people have turned against the politicians who are paid to represent them, the plague that is racism has reared its ugly head far too often and the economy has been devastated.

Many athletes have chosen to keep quiet and focus on preserving their health and fitness, and that's fine. These footballers have a job to do and are committed to entertaining fans despite the obvious health risks.

But not Rashford.

While those in power have lost trust, Rashford has gained it. He has used his position and influence to feed 3,000,000 vulnerable people, produce workouts to keep children fit at home and regularly speak out against both racism and bullying during the coronavirus outbreak, among other things.

Several politicians have rarely shied away from criticising footballers during the past few months, painting a picture suggesting players are overpaid and under-skilled, but Rashford has laughed directly in their faces.

In England - a country in which many believe the government does not care about the average person - Rashford has offered a glimmer of hope and showed those disenchanted people that there is someone out there who cares.

Because of Rashford, millions of families have not had to worry about where their next meal is coming from. Because of Rashford, millions of children have remained active, healthy and upbeat during what is undoubtedly the toughest time of their lives. Because of Rashford, what has been an utterly terrifying few months has been significantly brighter.

You can say what you like about the 22-year-old as a footballer. You might hate his allegiance, you might think he's an over-hyped talent or you might hate his style of play. More football fans will enjoy seeing Rashford fall over than seeing him score a goal.

But now, every football fan, and every human being, must come together to appreciate what he has done. Nobody forced him to work tirelessly to help. He's 'just a footballer'. He's not supposed to do anything other than kick a ball.

Instead of taking a two-month holiday, Rashford has used his time to challenge inequality and poverty in an attempt to make the world a better place. And make it better he has.

Across his four-year senior career, we've learned that Rashford is a really good footballer. He's one of the best players at a club as big as United, but even that achievement pales in comparison to what he has accomplished away from the pitch.

When Rashford's focus returns to playing football, he will expect to be taunted by rival fans. That's part of life as a footballer. However, just remember who it really is that you're taunting - a great footballer, but an ever better guy.

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