Marc Skinner explains Jackie Groenen's Manchester United exit

Groenen has departed Manchester United for PSG
Groenen has departed Manchester United for PSG / Charlotte Tattersall/GettyImages

Marc Skinner has admitted that Manchester United were not expecting to lose Jackie Groenen during the summer transfer window, but described the deal to sell the midfielder to PSG as 'good business'.

Groenen had stated in early September that she was expecting to stay at United ahead of the 2022/23 WSL campaign. However, the 27-year-old made the switch to PSG on Thursday - one week after the English transfer closed, meaning United were unable to bring in a replacement.

Groenen was set to be out of contract in June, and would have been able to sign a pre-contract at another club in January before moving on for free in the summer.

"I said last week, I was asked quite honestly the question and I said at that moment we hadn't received any kind of offers for anyone but every player for every club has a price, and especially where we're now looking at the end of a contract; in three months time, Jackie could have signed a pre-contract somewhere else," Skinner explained.

"So for us it was a deal that matched what the club would take for Jackie but also it ends up being a good deal for all.

"I understand the fans may be frustrated at the moment, but there are plenty of players that have the opportunity to step up and show their qualities. So for us, we wasn't expecting that to happen but it was a moment that is good business for everyone involved."

Marc Skinner is naturally disappointed to lose Jackie Groenen
Marc Skinner is naturally disappointed to lose Jackie Groenen / Charlotte Tattersall/GettyImages

Reports in the Dutch media stated that PSG had paid €150,000 to land Groenen, but Skinner refused to confirm the fee, simply labelling it 'a good price for both parties'.

The United boss explained that although there had been interest in Groenen before the English transfer window closed, no formal offer was submitted until after the window shut.

"There was interest before that window but in all honesty it was not until that point that the offer came in that it was acceptable for us to even think about letting Jackie go," Skinner added.

"For us it was beyond that window, we had interest prior to that, but it was beyond that window when we actually got a deal that will help us build into the future plan as well, so that's the reality of it.

"Of course conversations go but unless people show their true intent, you don't take them seriously."