Manchester United fans planning second protest before rearranged Liverpool game

United fans forced the previous fixture to be postponed
United fans forced the previous fixture to be postponed / Getty Images/Getty Images

Manchester United fans are planning another anti-Glazer protest prior to their rearranged fixture against Liverpool on Thursday night.

The game was supposed to be played on Sunday 2 May. However, due to a large gathering of protesters outside both the United team hotel and Old Trafford, it was postponed amid safety concerns. During the demonstration some supporters even invaded the pitch, while there were also scuffles with police officers.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League
United fans remain unhappy with the club's ownership / Getty Images/Getty Images

According to an anonymous letter received by the Manchester Evening News, there is a follow-up protest in the works.

"Every United fan has now seen the power they collectively hold. Last Sunday’s protests need to be a beginning, not an end," a statement began. "The Premier League and the Glazers are terrified the Liverpool fixture could be affected again. It’s our responsibility to make sure it is.

"The protesters at The Lowry undertook a five-hour stint. That’s the sort of action required, but all contributions are of help. Next Thursday there needs to be 10,000+ at Old Trafford, from 5pm onwards. Do your bit, play your part, don’t leave it to others. Help make the Glazers history."

United's owners have been strongly opposed by fans since they took majority control of the club back in 2005. However, the demonstration before the Liverpool represented the largest ever protest against the Glazers.

It fits into a wider trend of increased fan activism sparked by the Premier League big six's botched attempt to form a breakaway Super League last month. Fans of all the English clubs involved have protested against their owners in recent times, creating hope that genuine change to football governance may be on the horizon.

If fans do succeed in having the Liverpool fixture postponed again, United would face an almighty task to get the game played before the end of the season. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side are currently set to play three games in five days, with Sunday's win over Aston Villa followed by games against Leicester on Tuesday and Liverpool 48 hours later.