Manchester City vs Manchester United: 'One Two' fans preview

Jack Gallagher
“UNITED FANS ARE THE MOST TOXIC FANBASE IN THE WORLD”? Man City vs Man Utd | Buvey vs Scott | Rivals
“UNITED FANS ARE THE MOST TOXIC FANBASE IN THE WORLD”? Man City vs Man Utd | Buvey vs Scott | Rivals / 90min Football

Manchester derby week is upon us, and with that comes passion, fire in the belly, and unwavering bravado from every single fan of Man Utd and Man City

It also sees supporters clash as they argue, dispute and validate 'who is bigger?', 'who is better?' between the two clubs.

So with fans doing that, we thought we should get our resident Man Utd fan Scott Saunders and resident Man City fan Buvey into the studio and let them have at it in front of a camera as part of our Rivals series.

Here's how it all went down:

Who is the bigger club and why?

Scott: "Surely you've got to give me this one. United are probably the biggest club in the world - City have a long way to go yet."

Buvey: "You know I'd never argue against that. The only comment I would make is that United built their global success and their global fanbase on a good 20-year period. We're not talking hundreds and hundreds of years, we're talking in a lifetime. United hadn't won a league in 30 years before Ferguson.

Man Utd have won the league A LOT / ANDREW YATES/GettyImages

"History can creep up on you and in 10 years time we could be looking at a side that have 10 or 11 Premier League titles in Man City, and a Champions League, and multiple FA Cups."

Scott: "It'll take a while though, I think it's a generational thing really."

Who is the more attractive club to sign for?

Buvey: "I think it's quite obviously Man City. I think on a financial level we compete with United, it's us and United who have the most expensive salaries every month.

"The training facilities are great, and the fact that we know Guardiola's going to be here for another two or three years - whereas you don't even know who the Man Utd manager is going to be in the next three months. You'd want to join City.

Scott: "If somebody can get United back to the top, and can propel them to the success they were having in the past I think that would be a massive lure for any player or manager."

Who is more likely to win the Champions League this year?

Chelsea win Champions League title after beating Manchester City 1-0 in final
City lost last season's final / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Buvey: "I think we'll win the Champions League this season.

"I'm feeling strong about it. Even if that means we might sacrifice the Premier League title - which I don't want to happen."

Scott: "I have a feeling that, if Man Utd get through the tie with Atletico Madrid, then come up against Man City in the next round and keep that mental barrier over them you just never know.

"United have nothing else to play for and could put all their eggs in this basket."

Which player would you take from your rivals' squad?

Buvey: "I'm going to have to take some time here...how long have we got?

"I wouldn't say any of the starting XI, I wouldn't take Pogba - he's got the wrong energy, everything is wrong about him.

"Maybe I'll take the kit man. You've got a good kit man, he sets the kits out well."

Rodri - Soccer Player - Born 1996
Rodri is one of the PL's best / Visionhaus/GettyImages

Scott: "I'd probably take Rodri, just for the control in midfield.

"United lack a defensive midfielder and have needed to buy one for a long, long time."

Man Utd's treble winners or Man City's centurions?

Scott: "It has to be United.

"They're the only team, and I'm hoping that this season it doesn't come to an end, but we've managed to hold onto being the only English team to ever win a treble for the last 20 odd years.

"Getting 100 points in the Premier League is amazing, going unbeaten in the Premier League like Arsenal did is an amazing achievement, but to do it in all three competitions in the space of 10 days is insane.

Premier League Football GIF by Manchester United - Find & Share on GIPHY

"I don't think, until anyone else does it, that there's any conversation to be had about which team is the best of our generation."

Buvey: "I completely agree. The only caveat I'd add is that you won the league with a relatively low points tally, the FA Cup and Champions League were scrappy too.

"I think the 2018/19 City team would be the treble winners in a one-off game."

Bruno Fernandes or Kevin De Bruyne?

Buvey: "Kevin De Bruyne is like French New Wave cinema and Bruno Fernandes is like a blockbuster Marvel movie - the quality is just not there.

"De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the history of the Premier League, while Fernandes is just someone who gets a few goals and assists."

Scott: "A few? He is high on the lists of goals, assists and chances created across Europe."


Scott: "I'm going to go for a 2-1 win for United."

Buvey: "Nervous 1-0 for City."