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Manchester City 2021/22 home and goalkeeper kits leaked

Ross Jackson
Manchester City's kit for next season has been leaked
Manchester City's kit for next season has been leaked / Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

If there's one thing better than hearing rubbish transfer rumours about your club that you know are never going to come to fruition, it's seeing leaked images of the new kit.

Usually the images look like they've been drawn by a 7-year-old who hasn't actually seen the shirts, but have instead had the designs described to them down the telephone and then been told to draw what they imagine they look like - but Manchester City fans are in for a treat.

Actual images have emerged of their home and goalkeeper kits for the 2021/22 season after a fan in Australia somehow found them on sale in a shop down under...seems too ridiculous to be true, right?

Well, when you compare the picture they've taken (via Footy Headlines) to the previous leaked images of Phil Foden modelling the home kit (images that look exactly like the aforementioned 7-year-old has drawn them by the way) they seem to match up.

In one of the most shocking things you'll hear this year, the home shirt is sky blue with white detailing - madness.

The V-neck collar shows a quality touch on the inside of the shirt with the numbers 93:20 printed to symbolise the time of the game when Sergio Aguero scored his famous Premier League title-winning goal against Queens Park Rangers.

The shirt is coupled with sky blue shorts and sky blue socks with white detailing and 'CITY' across the front.

Meanwhile, the goalkeeper shirt has a very similar colour theme to the away shirt worn in the 2018/19 season when Pep Guardiola's side narrowly pipped Liverpool to the Premier League title.

The dark canvas is added to with luminous yellow and light blue lines going vertically and horizontally across the shirt, while both the home and goalkeeper shirts of course have the usual Etihad Airways sponsor with the PUMA badge and the City badge on the chest.