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Thibaut Courtois mocks Man Utd's Anthony Martial in Q&A session

Ross Jackson
Anthony Martial has been mocked by Thibaut Courtois
Anthony Martial has been mocked by Thibaut Courtois / Marc Atkins/Getty Images

As a professional footballer you probably get used to be slated and moaned at by your club's fans when things aren't quite going your way.

While the criticism from your own fan base will obviously hurt, arguably something even worse than that is supporters of rival clubs laughing at your misfortune.

Still, at least it's nice to know that other professional players know exactly what you're going through and would never even consider poking fun at you. Right?

Ermmm no, not exactly.

Since moving to Manchester United in 2015 for a deal potentially worth as much as £58m - a record fee paid for a teenager at the time - Anthony Martial hasn't really lived up to the hype that surrounded him following his debut goal against Liverpool - hype created almost entirely by Martin Tyler's weirdly orgasmic reaction to his goal by the way.

The Frenchman has flirted with the possibility of being a very good player but in all honesty he just looks a little disinterested at times.

Martial mustered just four Premier League goals last season and it seems that even some of his fellow professionals are taking the opportunity to mock his fall from grace.

Belgian duo Jan Vertonghen and Thibaut Courtois recently treated fans to a Q&A session (via Instant Foot) - with the former Tottenham defender throwing a seemingly mundane question at his teammate.

Vertonghen asked Courtois which star players missed Euro 2020 and after the former Chelsea man failed to muster up any name other than Sergio Ramos, his teammate helped him out with a list of possible answers.

Erling Haaland, Virgil van Dijk, Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Jan Oblak among others were mentioned, yet Courtois couldn't hide his astonishment at the mention of Martial, sarcastically replying: "Martial? He is a star player?"

Anthony Martial is getting stick left. right and centre lately
Anthony Martial is getting stick left. right and centre lately / Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Clearly baffled by his teammate's response, Vertonghen just offered a weird little embarrassed giggle - the kinda noise you make when one of your colleagues makes a really inappropriate joke but you're obviously petrified of confrontation so just laugh along with it anyway before running away and never speaking to them again.

Poor Anthony. Anyway, nice to know Thibaut Courtois has absolutely no respect for the footballing code of conduct.