Man City submit legal challenges against Premier League charges

Man City are fighting the Premier League charges made against them
Man City are fighting the Premier League charges made against them / Naomi Baker/GettyImages

Manchester City have submitted legal challenges against the Premier League charging them with 115 counts of alleged breaches of financial fair play rules between 2009 and 2018.

The Premier League accused City of not providing accurate financial information for those nine seasons. Other allegations centred on the nature of renumerations to former manager Roberto Mancini, failing to comply with UEFA regulations and failing to cooperate with the investigation.

City were fined £49m by UEFA for alleged Financial Fair Play breaches as far back as 2014. In 2020, they were then issued a ban from European competitions for two years, a sanction that was eventually lifted on appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

City’s finances have also been the subject of a series of explosive reports from German publication Der Spiegel since 2018. But the club have always denied financial wrongdoing.

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Now, the day after reaching the Champions League final for the second time following an emphatic 4-0 win over Real Madrid, it has been reported that City are officially disputing the ‘legality’ of the investigation and the involvement of a particular individual.

The Times writes that City have raised a challenge with regard to recent Premier League changes, arguing that those regulations should not apply to investigations of activity prior to that. They have also taken issue with Murray Rosen KC, who is head of the Premier League’s independent judicial panel and therefore appoints the chair of the disciplinary commission, potentially even appointing himself. City’s issue is that Rosen’s website says he is an Arsenal member.