Luke Garbutt Laughs Off Carlo Ancelotti's Baffled Response to Everton Departure

Ross Kennerley
Carlo Ancelotti had no idea who Luke Garbutt was after being asked by reporters
Carlo Ancelotti had no idea who Luke Garbutt was after being asked by reporters / Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Being a football manager is not easy. With countless ambitions to match, tasks to complete, players to manage and eyebrows to raise, sometimes it must be almost too much.

That goes double around summer time, when you've got players coming and going at such a rate it's easy to forget who even belongs to your club.

Well, that's the excuse we're offering Carlo Ancelotti, and it's a pretty valid one.

Everton are in the middle of a transitional period (as they have been for the last decade or more), with the legendary Italian tactician taking the reins in a bid to guide the Toffees back up the Premier League table. He's only been in the job since December, and getting to know every one of his squad, be they out on loan or not, mustn't be easy.

That said, it doesn't make it any less amusing when after being asked by reporters about one of his players leaving the club, he responded with a simple 'who?' followed by a look of utter bemusement.

This is precisely what happened with Ancelotti was asked about Luke Garbutt in his most recent press conference, an Everton 'youth' player (alright, he's 27 now) who had been on the books at the club for 11 years but was released upon the expiry of his contract on 30 June.

Looking more puzzled than a goat on astroturf, he turned to his assistant for more clarification, before admitting he was not ready for this particular question. No s--t, Sherlock.

Again, in the 61-year-old's defence, Garbutt hasn't played a game for the club in five years, enjoying loan spells at Oxford United and Ipswich Town in the past two seasons.

Garbutt did see the funny side of it, responding with the Clasico laughing emoji, before piecing together a highlight reel of him kicking it in League One to inform his former boss. Top chat, and a memorable way to bow out of his Everton career.

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