Luis Suárez Accused of Cheating on Italian Citizenship Test

Tom Gott
Luis Suarez may have cheated on his language test
Luis Suarez may have cheated on his language test / David Ramos/Getty Images

Barcelona forward Luis Suárez has been accused of cheating on the language section of his Italian citizenship test.

Juventus were keen to sign the Uruguay international on a free transfer this summer but have already used up all of their non-EU spots in the squad, so Suárez was planning to gain Italian citizenship to help the move go through.

Suarez is no longer wanted at Barcelona
Suarez is no longer wanted at Barcelona / Pool/Getty Images

As part of the test, Suárez had to prove that he had a solid grasp of the Italian language, but according to La Repubblica, Guardia di Finanza and the Perugia Prosecutor’s Office have found 'irregularities' in the test and have accused him of cheating.

Further investigation has brought allegations that Suárez was told the questions in advance by a number of staff members at the University for Foreigners of Perugia so he could memorise the correct responses.

Those in charge of his exam are also believed to have been involved, and prosecutors have found audio clips of the examiners discussing his situation which suggest that Suárez's Italian was not good enough to pass.

“He does not speak a word of Italian," the examiner is quoted as saying. "He does not conjugate verbs, he only speaks using the infinitive. If journalists would ask him some questions, he’d be lost. He earns €10m per year, he needs to pass this exam.”

Suárez spent just minutes in the exam room to take the test, which usually takes candidates over two hours.

What makes this whole thing even weirder (funnier?) is that Juventus aren't even pursuing Suárez anymore.

Juventus turned their attention to Atlético Madrid's Álvaro Morata, who has already arrived in Turin to seal a loan move to the Allianz Stadium. Juve also have the option to sign the Spaniard permanently next summer.

As for Suárez, his future was expected to lie in Madrid, with Atlético keen to bring in the Uruguayan to replace Morata, but Barcelona are now contemplating pulling the plug on the deal as they don't want him to join a rival for free.

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