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Luis Rodriguez receives death threats after Mexico's loss to US

Lizzy Becherano
Luis Rodriguez receives death threats after Mexico lost 2-0 to US
Luis Rodriguez receives death threats after Mexico lost 2-0 to US / Jam Media/GettyImages

Mexico national team player Luis 'Chaka' Rodriguez shared death threats he and his family received after Friday’s World Cup qualifier defeat to the United States, urging fans to be better. 

The Tigres right-back revealed he received the messages via Instagram, even responding to one asking the offender to stop sending his wife intimidating threats.

"Miguel, I'm the husband of the wife you wrote to," Rodriguez wrote (in Spanish) on Instagram. "I understand that my work in the national team can be the cause of all of this in you. I don't justify it, but I understand it.

"I ask you please not to write anymore to my wife, to rape and kill are very cruel words. Miguel, we don't deserve this, least of all to include family. I hope this is over now. May God bless you."

The abuse began after Mexico’s 2-0 loss to North American rivals United States on Friday night in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was El Tri’s third consecutive loss to the USMNT in 2021 after the disappointing Nations League and Gold Cup finals. 

The player decided to reveal and share the messages he had been receiving to call attention to the negative side of forming part of a national team. While he has no plans to quit, the defender admitted to a difficult couple of days post defeat. 

"I honestly take into account the positives and negatives..." Rodriguez wrote. "Football is and will always be a dream come true for me. To leave the national team is not an option for me."

Mexico returns to the pitch on Tuesday night in Edmonton to face the Canadian national team. El Tri currently stands in second place on the Concacaf table after being narrowly edged out by the USMNT on goal difference. 

While a loss wouldn’t be catastrophic to Mexico, it could put El Tri in risk of finishing in fourth place.