Liverpool's Late Season Slip Up in Search of Records Is Irrelevant - the Premier League Title Is All That Matters

Liverpool fans congregating outside Anfield to celebrate the Premier League title victory
Liverpool fans congregating outside Anfield to celebrate the Premier League title victory / Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

As a set of supporters of certain teams within the parameters of one collective sport, we do love criticising. Whether that is in reference to our own clubs or those of others, it's almost impossible not to pick holes and point fingers at others. It's practically in our nature.

Have Arsenal been woeful on course to their worst top flight finish in 25 years? You bet. Has Chelsea's defence been very poor despite them hovering around the top four place for most of the season? Indeed, that too.

Have Liverpool missed a trick since the Premier League restart by failing to build on their lead and smash top flight records? Does it really matter? Using that argument is based around a desperate ploy to find something, anything to bring the Reds down a notch. Well, not a notch, but about 20 stories worth of notches since that's how far in front they are from the other sides involved.

Not only winning the division in record time, Jurgen Klopp's men had the chance to do so with a record points haul - among other accolades - but a few limp displays since securing the title saw those various hopes fizzle out in quick succession.

But the ol' expression 'beggars can't be choosers' springs to mind. After the heartbreak of last season, not a single Liverpool fan had their eyes on surpassing the 100-point mark. That was a non-issue. Winning the league on goal difference with the final goal they needed coming off Dejan Lovren's knee would have more than sufficed.

So when they won the league at a canter, strolling their way to a maiden Premier League crown, it was job done. Anything coming after that would've been a neat Christmas bonus for having the best coffee mug in the office. In other words, unimportant.

This Liverpool side should be heralded for their excellence. Directing any criticism their way for not extending the magnitude of their achievement is not a fair reflection on just how magnificent they've been this term.

So far in front of the rest of the pack it's as if they've been in their own league entirely, Klopp won't be losing sleep at night knowing his side might only accrue 99 points. Nor will any Liverpool fan, and neither will any supporter tucking into a local brew or two as their side lifts the title.

When the dust has settled on this season people will focus more on the positives. That should be the case now, since almost everything they've done has been of an upbeat nature this season.

Sure, there are elements to their game that wouldn't have prevalent six months ago. This side wouldn't have conceded three goals against Chelsea at Anfield with Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez looking suspect, but their foot is off the pedal somewhat and these mistakes have started creeping in.

Their attacking display on Wednesday night was at its exemplary best, but those defensive mistakes creeping into their game is not what we've grown accustomed to. There is no doubt Klopp will be a tad displeased to see some careless moments of concentration, but it's no great cause for concern. After all, they won 5-3.

People may choose to pick holes in that drop off in form, which is up to them to do so. Yet in ten years' time when this season will be remembered it won't be for the Reds' inability to secure 100 points, nor any of the other records they could have accomplished. No. It will be fondly remembered for a superb Liverpool side winning their first league title in 30 years, and doing so in superb fashion.

The fireworks outside the Anfield pitch were matched with attacking displays to match. That's the Liverpool everyone knows, the team that excites and entertains. A few records missed out on, a few tepid displays here and there? Not a problem. The Premier League title was all that mattered.

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