Liverpool fans awarded damages over Champions League final chaos

  • UEFA have been found responsible for causing the chaotic scenes outside the 2022 Champions League final
  • Liverpool fans were penned in and subjected to tear gas before clash with Real Madrid
  • Reds supporters have accepted an undisclosed compensation settlement

Liverpool fans have been awarded damages
Liverpool fans have been awarded damages / Harriet Lander/Copa/GettyImages

UEFA have confirmed that they have reached a settlement with a group of Liverpool fans over the chaotic events that preceeded the 2022 Champions League final.

Ahead of the showpiece finale, which was won by Real Madrid, A large number of Liverpool fans were penned in and subjected to tear gas by riot police, while many were attacked and mugged by locals allowed to congregate in the same area.

An independent report in February 2023 found UEFA responsible for the "chaotic" scenes, and now 13 months later, UEFA have agreed to pay damages.

"UEFA has today concluded a full and final settlement with those Liverpool fans represented by Pogust Goodhead and Bingham Long and who have raised personal injury claims in respect of their experiences at the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final that took place in Paris," a statement read.

"UEFA has already taken a number of steps following the 2022 Final, including implementing recommendations from the Independent Review and establishing a special refund scheme. Today, it has gone further by ensuring that Liverpool fans represented by Pogust Goodhead and Bingham Long receive a sum by way of compensation in relation to the difficulties and challenges that they were confronted with.

"The parties have agreed the terms of this statement but that the terms of the settlement will otherwise remain confidential. The settlement agreement has been made without any admission of liability. UEFA is pleased to have reached a common position which it is hoped provides closure for the fans. UEFA will be making no further comment in relation to the same."

Liverpool fans
Police clashed with fans / THOMAS COEX/GettyImages

"We are delighted that fellow supporters of Liverpool Football Club will soon be in receipt of compensation for the difficulties and challenges they faced at the 2022 Champions League Final," said Michael Burke and Paul Hudson, members of the fans’ legal team at Pogust Goodhead. "This was an exceptionally important case and to have played a part in it was a privilege."

Gerard Long, managing director of Bingham Long, added: "We are delighted to have reached an agreement for compensation for supporters of Liverpool Football Club that were impacted by the events surrounding the Champions League Final in May 2022.

"As a local firm, it was important for us to be able to report back to them that we had resolved the matter without lengthy legal proceedings, and they will receive some compensation. I would like to make clear that no deduction will be taken from my clients’ damages and that they will therefore receive 100% of the compensation received as part of this settlement."