Liverpool collect 'substantial' evidence relating to Man City spitting incident

Jamie Spencer
Liverpool are investigating allegations of a fan spitting at Man City staff
Liverpool are investigating allegations of a fan spitting at Man City staff / Lewis Storey/Getty Images

Liverpool have confirmed they have collected ‘substantial’ evidence relating to allegations of a fan at Anfield spitting at a member of Manchester City’s coaching staff on Sunday.

City made a formal complaint over the incident, which took place during the 2-2 draw between the clubs in the Premier League.

Speaking after the match, City boss Pep Guardiola said that he hoped Liverpool would take action against the individual responsible and that is what the Reds are in the process of doing.

Liverpool opened an investigation immediately and began searching for CCTV footage – City believed that the incident had been caught on camera.

Having gathered evidence, Liverpool have confirmed that in addition to issuing their own formal sanctions on the supporter involved, they are prepared to pass anything on to Merseyside Police if requested as criminal charges could also be applied.

A statement from Liverpool on Monday read, “We are conducting a full investigation, working with all relevant parties including Manchester City, to gather evidence from individuals who witnessed the incident as well as analysing all available video footage.

"The evidence collected to date is substantial and, if requested to do so, will be handed to Merseyside Police given the potential for criminal charges. This case will also be subject to the club's official sanctions process.

“Anfield is our home and we will ensure it is a safe, enjoyable environment for everyone attending and will not allow unacceptable isolated behaviour to impact on our club's values and principles."

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