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Liverpool CEO calls for independent investigation into security issues at Champions League final

Jack Gallagher
Liverpool fans being pepper sprayed
Liverpool fans being pepper sprayed / Matthias Hangst/GettyImages

Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan has insisted that an 'independent investigation' must be made into the goings on prior to kick off outside the Stade de France on Saturday.

Huge crowds of Liverpool fans were stuck in congested queues queues outside the stadium, and footage shared online showed how police officers were pepper-spraying and teargassing fans without provocation.

Due to this debacle, the UEFA Champions League final kick off was delayed by 36 minutes, with UEFA blaming supporters for this.

With footage and testimony coming out about what actually happened, Liverpool's CEO has called for an independent investigation into what went on:

"Incredibly difficult night, a disappointing night, but what happened outside of the stadium completely overshadowed it. I think the stadium entry and breakdown of security in the perimeter was absolutely unacceptable, and frankly the treatment of our fans.

"As we discussed last night with UEFA we are asking for a full and transparent investigation, an independent investigation, that can help establish the facts. It's absolutely imperative that we understand what happened and how we got into that situation where people's safety was put at risk.

"It's important that we understand what happened, but it's also important that we make sure we take whatever the lessons are and ensure that it never happens again. As an example, the Merseyside police were on the ground, just in an advisory capacity, and you may have seen that they put out a statement earlier where they talked about the behaviour of the fans being exemplary, queuing and doing what they were being asked to do. And in addition, the fact that fans were there very early at the stadium as well.

"We're intent on ensuring that there's an independent investigation and we, as the club, will be a part of that and cooperative and we look forward to making sure that that's done, and done well."