Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi 'unimpressed' with Joan Laporta's constant comments

Tom Gott
Laporta has been discussing Messi again
Laporta has been discussing Messi again / Gustavo Pagano/GettyImages

Lionel Messi and the PSG forward's entourage are believed to be growing tired of constant mentions from Barcelona president Joan Laporta.

Laporta recently conducted an interview which inevitably found its way to discussing Messi, with the president describing players who sign for Paris Saint-Germain as 'slaves to money' and talking about potentially bringing the Argentine back if he cancelled his contract in Paris.

According to Cadena SER, those comments have not gone down particularly well with Messi and those around him, not least because they have already asked Laporta to stop speaking about the Argentine in public.

It is said that Jorge Messi, the PSG man's father and representative, spoke with Laporta earlier this year to politely ask him to move on from Messi in the media.

However, Laporta has not done so and now the Messi family are believed to be thoroughly unimpressed with the president.

While Laporta did not say anything particularly inflammatory, there is believed to be frustration from Messi's side towards constant suggestions that he could return to Barcelona in the future. The 34-year-old still has one more year on his PSG contract and is not planning to leave early.

With PSG tying Kylian Mbappe down to a monster new contract, Laporta claimed that the Parisians often hand out such big deals that it becomes impossible for players to leave, using terms like 'kidnapped' and 'slaves'.

The Barcelona president insisted he is still a huge fan of both Messi and Neymar but admitted bringing either back - as if that was an option anyway - would be hugely impractical for the club and he would need both players to cancel their contracts in Paris to make such a move.