Lays launches new campaign to bring fans together for 2021 UEFA Champions League knockout stages

Matt O'Connor-Simpson
Lay's I Apartment Arena I #LaysUnited
Lay's I Apartment Arena I #LaysUnited / Lay's United

Lay's has launched a new campaign which aims to bring football fans together ahead of the knockout stages of this season's Champions League.

With spectators still barred from stadiums due to COVID-19, the world's largest snack brand has found a creative way to being supporters closer to this year's action. The creative project involves footballing legend Lionel Messi, as well as Manchester United star Paul Pogba and 2017 UEFA Women’s Player of the Year, Lieke Martens.

A promotional poster for the campaign
A promotional poster for the campaign / Lay's

At the centre of the programme is 'Apartment Arena'. In this promotional film, Messi and Martens unite an apartment building in watching a game together, but safely apart, from their balconies. Soon after Pogba enters the fray, after being tempted towards the fun by the irresistible sound of a packet of Lay's opening.

The campaign also features 'Messi Messages'. This innovative technology gives fans the chance to send personalised videos from La Pulga himself, in ten different languages, inviting friends to watch the game.

Messi said: “Football is the world’s greatest sport, with one of the key reasons being the power the game has to unite, connect and bring joy, especially in these times. I am proud to share that in new ways this year with Lay’s and some truly unique initiatives.”

His comments were echoed by Pogba, who said: "I was delighted to take part in another Lay’s football campaign. It’s always high-energy and fun – and I am personally excited to bring our fans some well-earned smiles this year."

Mertens added: "In Lay’s first effort across both Men’s and Women’s football, we’ve come together to create a moment of joy out of the everyday: watching a match at home. I think it is so relatable and powerful to see that no matter where or how we watch, we’re united in the energy and excitement of the game."