LAFC's five best kits of all time - ranked

  • LAFC's 2018 home kit is their most recognizable jersey
  • The Western Conference team have sported several different away jerseys since their first MLS season
  • The 2022 home kit was worn when the Black and Gold lifted 2022 MLS Cup
Vela donned the 2018 home kit in style
Vela donned the 2018 home kit in style / Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

While Major League Soccer side LAFC have only been in existence for seven seasons, they've still had some quality kits since their inaugural 2018 season.

While transfers are typically the main topic of discussion among football fans, the different kits used throughout a season also tend to be hot topics. After all, fans won't hesitate to buy their new team's shirt(s) to generate excitement ahead of a fresh campaign.

Here are LAFC's top kits in team history.

5. 2021 Away

Carlos Vela
The 2021 away jersey was interesting / Omar Vega/GettyImages

The color combination for the LAFC's 2021 away kit is ... interesting.

The shirt and socks are a nice, plan touch that aren't complimented well with white shorts. This kit could've been higher on the list if a darker pair of shorts were implemented.

4. 2019 Away

LAFC's 2019 away jerseys stood out
LAFC's 2019 away jerseys stood out / Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports

The second away jersey in LAFC's young history was both simple and unique. LAFC fans will more than likely associate this kit with their 2019 Supporters' Shield winning campaign that saw the team shatter the MLS single-season points record with 72 (before New England Resolution set a new record a couple of years later).

3. 2023 Away

The 2023 away jersey is unique
The 2023 away jersey is unique / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

LAFC continued with the theme of keeping their away jerseys on the lighter side in a direct contrast with their home kit in 2023.

The pattern is interesting, the the black lettering goes well with the light green kit color that definitely grabs your attention.

2. 2022 Home

Denis Bouanga
The 2022 home kit was simple / Shaun Clark/GettyImages

LAFC fans far and wide will instantly associate the 2022 home kit with success, as it was this exact shirt that saw them lift 2022 MLS Cup thanks to Ilie Sanchez's winning penalty kick.

1. 2018 Home

The 2018 home kit will always be special to LAFC fans
The 2018 home kit will always be special to LAFC fans / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

LAFC's 2018 home kit might be on the rather bland side, but the YouTube TV sponsor is what most soccer fans will remember when thinking of LAFC's kits over the years.

On a deeper level, the 2018 home kit will forever have a special place in the hearts of LAFC supporters as it was the jersey they were during their first season in MLS.