Kepa Arrizabalaga's 2019/20 Chelsea Mistakes - Ranked

Kepa Arrizabalaga
This...this was rather funny. Sorry Chelsea and Kepa, but it was | Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

It's a tough being a goalkeeper.

That old saying, 'who'd be a goalkeeper?' isn't flung around without reason. As the primary guardian of the goal, any minor mistake you may make is thrust into the limelight and you're immediately seen as the bad guy.

Striker misses a glaring chance to score? Generally forgotten about soon enough. Goalkeeper fumbles one into the net? Yeah, the streets don't forget.

Kepa Arrizabalaga
A common sight for Kepa this season | Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

And in the case of Kepa Arrizabalaga, however or whenever his Chelsea career comes to an end, the streets will not forget. Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons.

He's come under - very justified - criticism this season for a number of limp and underwhelming displays in goal, which can be forgiven ever so slightly if you don't also drop a few clangers along the way. Sadly for him, his flimsy little fingers have been in those pies too.

Which was the worst of the lost, though? Well, let's try and work that out.

5. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

On first glance, this was actually a rocket from Wilfried Zaha and, as we'd initially thought, unstoppable.

But in doing so, we all gave Kepa far too much leeway. It's always good to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but this is Kepa, and he isn't a good goalkeeper.

Sure, this wasn't a glaring error, but after seeing the replays it was just really...poor...goalkeeping. Zaha's shot swerved a bit, but it could easily have been stopped with better focus and positioning.

By the way, expect plenty more chat about his inability to stand in the right place at the right time.

4. Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

Much like the above, this first looked like a well-placed shot that Hector Bellerin had bent brilliantly into the far corner. Furthermore, there was also the argument that he was unsighted due to the sheer volume of players in and around the box - but once again, replays confirmed it was an error.

Kepa only faced two shots all game, the first he could do little about, but Bellerin's certainly fell into the saveable category.

His positioning was all off and he was far too sluggish to get across to the ball.

Perhaps not so much a mistake as it was just generally poor goalkeeping, but at a key point in the match with your side a goal and a man up, it's a save he should be making.

3. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

The manner with which the goal happened was desperately unfortunate - but SO funny - yet Kepa put himself in a position where the hilarity shouldn't have even occurred in the first place.

Now Chelsea player Hakim Ziyech had a free kick from near enough the corner spot for Ajax, and opted for a bit of wizardry (total fluke?) during their Champions League tie.

He angled an effort towards the far corner, somewhere that never should have been accessible given Kepa was stood not three yards from the post. The Spaniard can be forgiven for not expecting the audacious attempt, purely because nobody saw it coming, but mistiming the flight of the ball as poorly as he did was no one's fault but his own.

Having got the trajectory of the ball all wrong, he desperately scrambled across to prevent it sneaking into the net, only for it to cannon off the post and smack him square in the face.

It. Was. Bloody. Hilarious.

2. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

What is the point in Kepa having arms?

Away at Newcastle back in January, the Blues were sitting pretty in fourth spot and had the chance to move eight points clear of fifth-place Manchester United. After banging on the Magpies' door throughout the match, no goal was forthcoming, so the best is to at least avoid defeat, right?

Enter Kepa.

His arms resembled boiled spaghetti slathered in olive oil after the flaccid attempt he made to push Isaac Hayden's 94th minute header away. It was pretty much straight at him.

Instead, his weak attempt to make a save - an actual save - merely pushed the ball into the net, leaving Newcastle to peel away with a massive three points and the ultimate smash and grab performance.

This was just prior to the Arsenal game at home, with those two displays being the straw that broke the camel's back for Lampard, who dropped him for the following matches.

1. Valencia 2-2 Chelsea

Oh Kepa.

Both of Valencia's goals on this night were his own doing. It must be infuriating as a Chelsea supporter to see though, considering he made an outstanding penalty save in the match that is up there with the best seen in the competition.

The opener on the night demonstrated the KitKat fingers Kepa was born with, as well as woeful positioning (there it is). A totally miss-hit shot by Carlos Soler was pretty much central, but for whatever bizarre reason, Kepa was stood on his line. It's hardly rocket science, but your chances of saving an effort from this position are reduced drastically when you're stood in your own goal line.

On top of that, his weak arms couldn't get any modicum of force on the ball and he merely flapped it into the net without any conviction. Now, onto the second.

After making the aforementioned penalty save, Chelsea were leading 2-1 heading into the final nine minutes. There was a great deal of fortune in Daniel Wass' cross-cum-shot ending up on target, but Kepa's misjudging of the ball (again) saw him avoid punching it clear, firmly in the belief that it was going wide.

Believe it or not, it wasn't, and the ball cannoned in off the post and cost the Blues two points. I mean, he just left it. Why?

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